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Lehigh 17, Princeton 14, Final

(Photo Credit: Image By Hugo)

It's an old saw, but one of the ancient adages of football is that the difference between winning and losing comes down to one play, one caught pass, one first down made or denied.

In football specifically, no matter what the score, no matter when it happens - the opening kickoff, two minutes to halftime, or with the final seconds ticking off the clock - "that moment" can come anytime.  Frequently, it's a moment you don't even know is important even when you're watching it.

On Saturday, that time came on a critical 4th down-and-half-a-yard conversion opportunity for the Tigers in the first half, deep in Lehigh territory, which was resoundingly stuffed by senior DT Sajjad Chagani, and the Mountain Hawks took over on downs.

It didn't feel like the play of the game at the time - Lehigh up 7-0, with more than a half of football to go.  But after Lehigh cruised to a 17-0 lead, and Princeton held firm in the second half and cut t…

Game 3 Breakdown: Princeton at Lehigh, 9/15/2012

We break down the Princeton game, and we give our fearless prediction, below the flip.

So how, exactly, do you preview a team with so many unknowns at key positions?  So many potential changes in offense, defense, and special teams?  The answer is you have to dig in and do your research, which I've done.

Game Preview: Princeton at Lehigh, 9/15/2012

(Photo Credit: Princeton Athletics)

Remember Week 1?

There is no better feeling as a football fan, coach, or player.  After a long, long offseason for the players and coaches, there is finally the opportunity to show the world of what stuff you're made.  And for the fans, the thirst for football can finally be quenched after nine months without drink.

For Lehigh, that time has come.  Week 1 came with a victory over Monmouth, and the Mountain Hawk offense and defense has been unveiled.

For Princeton, their unveiling is this Saturday - and it's that energy, and that unpredictability, that makes them "scary", as head coach Andy Coen put it, this week at Murray Goodman Stadium.

Sunday's Word: Nirvana

There are twenty-one teams in all of FCS that can claim that they are 2-0 right now.

Of those twenty-one, only eleven teams can claim that they've beat two Division I teams - and one of those teams are our Lehigh Mountain Hawks.

As a result, you'd think Lehigh fans would be in "Nirvana" now after achieving exactly what they should have done in their last two games - namely, register wins against Monmouth and Central Connecticut State.

But you'd be wrong.

Why is it that some Lehigh fans' instincts are to be just as annoying as Brazilian soccer fans?  Why is 2-0 - to some fans - not "Nirvana"?