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Future NFL players spend their drafts differently.  Some spend it in celebration with friends in the city, or surrounded by family at home.  Some of the big names have the cameras embedded with the players, awaiting with baited breath their reactions, or their expressions of relief. But LB Billy Boyko didn't do much different than he does many weekends. "Boyko, the all-league linebacker from Northampton, spent Saturday working on cars at Maple Grove Raceway," the Morning Call reported , "where his family is immersed in the drag racing scene." Working on his father’s dragster during "the season opener of the Sunoco Race Fuels Money Trail," a release from the Maple Grove Raceway said , he "kept two cell phones in his pockets at all times," awaiting the call from his agent about a possible late round draft pick or a late free agency pickup. Saturday night, the phone rang with a call from the Raiders.