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Showing posts from December 19, 2010

Saving the Patriot League: The Grand Art of Compromise

Yeah, I'll admit it's, um, a bit presumptuous to start a blog post with "Saving the Patriot League".  And to follow it with a photo of Benjamin Franklin goes beyond audacious. But I am coming to the inescapable conclusion that the Patriot League is in deep trouble.  And a Mr. Franklin, whose political skills were instrumental in the founding of our nation, would certainly be welcome in helping forge an acceptable compromise between the different world views of the Patriot League presidents. I'm going to split this blog post into two parts: my analysis of what I think happened last week; and then I'm going to do my best, pale imitation of Mr. Franklin to attempt - nay, plea - for a compromise solution that all interested parties can accept. Consider it... my Patriotic duty... to try to do something. (more)

Former Lehigh Head Coach Pete Lembo Heads to Ball State

(Photo Credit: The Muncie Star-Press) You might vaguely remember, don't you, when RB Jonathan Hurt positioned himself under a desperation fourth down heave by the Leopards' backup QB and - after Lehigh's defensive back slipped on the play - side-stepped into the end zone for the game winning score. That would end up being Lehigh head coach Pete Lembo 's final game coaching the Brown and White, a bitter end to his hugely successful run in South Mountain where he would go 44-14 and secure the only home playoff game in Murray Goodman history.  (And until this season, his win over Hofstra in overtime was the last postseason victory by the Mountain Hawks.) Almost five years to the day when Lembo left to coach the Elon Phoenix of the SoCon, Lembo left North Carolina to take on a new, exciting challenge: as the coach of an FBS team. Today, Ball State announced Lembo as their 16th head football coach , replacing former coach Stan Parrish . (more)