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The Decision: The Presidential View: Fordham's Vision

Earlier today, I took a look at the scholarship decision from the perspective of Georgetown and Dr. John DeGioia , who seems to see his school at a crossroads after the decision to offer scholarships was made. But on the other side of the argument for need-based aid, it should come as no surprise that the school that is most enthusiastic about the decision was  Fordham , who already offers scholarships and may now once again be eligible to compete for the Patriot League championship very soon. Before this past week, Fordham, under former president Fr. Joseph A. O’Hare , might have gone down in history as the school that nearly broke the league apart.  But with the news this week, Fordham, under current president Fr. Joseph M. McShane , they might become known as the school that saved the league instead.

The Decision: The Presidential View: Georgetown's "Options"

Anyone who has followed the Patriot League in any capacity has some sort of opinion on the decision to allow football scholarships.  ( Including myself, of course. ) But in the end, it was only the opinion of ten men and women who mattered - the eight presidents of the full-time Patriot League schools, and the two presidents of the football-only members. Shortly after history was made , there were a flurry of different documents released - including an official Patriot League release of comments from all seven of the football-playing schools - as well. The varied documents provide a fascinating glimpse at a process that was, over the course of the past five years, basically closed to the public, save the occasional leak to the local press. It also gives a look as to which schools are enthusiastic about the move - and which ones are not.

The Decision: My Thoughts

The Patriot League presidents finally made a decision on football scholarships , allowing what the rest of FCS college football considers "scholarships" starting with the football recruiting class of 2017. It was a bold decision that many folks, including myself, thought might never happen. That's because bold decisions, by their nature, are difficult.  They entail risk.  They involve a break away from comfortable situations.  They involve a challenge of the status quo - a re-evaluation of the comfortable relationships and certain existence that the league has in the FCS football world they inhabit. It was a bold decision - and one that was a lot more difficult, I think, than folks realize.  But I also think, ultimately, it was also the right decision.

Decision Made: Patriot League Football Goes Scholarship

Today, a decision was made by the Patriot League. The decision on Patriot League football scholarships that many, many followers of the quarter-century-old league have been waiting for. The decision came in the official announcement that the Patriot League "endorsed a policy that will allow athletic merit aid for the sport of football, beginning with the class entering school in the fall of 2013." After a surprise press conference and official press release announcing the result of the presidents' deliberations on the matter, the Patriot League entered a brand new world.