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Showing posts from June 5, 2011

Hot Talk About Charlotte - UNC-Charlotte, That Is

(Photo Credit: CLT Blog) No, this isn't a blog posting about Rep. Anthony Weiner 's latest Twitter dust-up, though you might think it from the title. But another sort of dust-up seems to be occurring in the world of FCS football programs. It's a different sort of strange tale than Mr. Weiner's - one of UNC-Charlotte football, Conference USA, the Atlantic Ten, and a bunch of athletic conferences that seem unwilling to add the 49ers to their conference lineup. It also offers a huge opportunity for another FCS conference as well. (more)

2011 Season Tickets on Sale

(Photo Credit: Lehigh Valley Live) It's that time of year again. This week, Lehigh announced their season ticket plans for the 2011 season, as well as their release schedule for chairback season tickets, mini plans, and individual tickets. It's the only way to guarantee a good view of crunching hits like this one at Murray Goodman Stadium - and the only way for alums to guarantee a seat at the 147th edition of "The Rivalry", to be played at Murray Goodman stadium. (more)

An Inconvenient Solution to Big East Expansion

No, really, does it ever get old to make fun of Al Gore ? Seen here telling the world that manbearpig is indeed real (thanks to the folks at South Park ), his wooden yet passionate crusades, his irregular spasms of passion and energy, and even his exaggerated sighs in the 2000 campaign often make me laugh when I'm feeling down. What I love the most, though, is his movie An Inconvenient Truth . While you can debate whether a movie which genuinely talked about his father's tobacco plantations in terms of climate change (?) should have really won the Oscar, it's really the title that is the best part of the entire movie, which is largely an extremely PowerPoint presentation (with some footage of melting icebergs) that, frankly, I seriously doubt many people actually saw. It's the quintessential "oh-yeah-I-saw-that" movie that nobody saw, since most people like to be on the side of reducing climate change, not denying that it exists. Best of all, "An