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Showing posts from July 17, 2011

The 25th Anniversary All-Patriot Team, Part Two: The Offense

Earlier this week, I made the easy picks on my hypothetical ballot for the 25th anniversary all-Patriot League team - the defense . Now, for the challenging part. Today, I weigh in on my picks for the offense - and there's bound to be some crying and gnashing of teeth. But one selection on my version of the 25th anniversary team is bound to be completely uncontroversial. That's the selection of the legendary two-sport star for Holy Cross, RB/CB Gordie Lockbaum . (more)

The 25th Anniversary All-Patriot Team, Part One: The Defense

For fun, I thought I'd pull together my hypothetical ballot for the 25 year all-Patriot Team, in preparation for the Patriot League's release of the team next week on July 25th. Part One, which I'm releasing today, is going to be the defense (and, for good measure, I'm going to include the 25th anniversary all-star punter, too). The intent of the ballot is to be a true "team."  That means that the ballot should consist of four defensive linemen, for linebackers, and four defensive backs. (more)