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A Farewell to Brett Snyder, The Bravest Guy I've Ever Known

Too often, we define football players by statistics. As sports obsessives, we try to come up with figures and metrics to measure people, their contributions and their relative worth.  QB rating, yards per carry, tackles for loss - all numbers of measurement. Fans forget that there are human beings behind all of those numbers.  They don't encapsulate what it is to be a football player, teammate, person, fighter, boyfriend, husband, and father. Brett Snyder , who passed away this past Sunday at the age of 41, spent his entire life proving, successfully, that numbers don't matter.  He spent a lifetime going beyond mere numbers and showing that heart, fight, perseverance, and touching as many lives as possible in a positive way is much more important. It is the toughness you bring to life, the faith you show, and celebrating life's blessings that mean everything.  I learned this through Brett's extraordinary life.