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More Names; Some Departures

Coach Lembo at Elon has officially hired two Lehigh assistant coaches to join him at Elon to rebuild their football program. Defensive line coach Jay Bateman and linebacker coach Tony Trisciani are joining Elon. Jay Bateman is joining Elon as defensive coordinator, while Trisciani is keeping his same position, linebackers coach. Both Bateman and Trisciani were in their first years as the defensive line and linebackers coach, respectively, in 2005 for the Mountain Hawks. Trisciani was known as an excellent recruiter for New Hampshire (his previous coaching stop), and Bateman had a wealth of experience coaching -- not only had he coached every defensive position imaginable, he was also head coach at Siena before they stopped football there. Lehigh didn't have a dominating defense in 2005 (partially due to injuries), but this mass defensive defection to Elon means that the new Lehigh head coach may also need to get a brand-new defensive coordinator in there as well - the third in thr

Football Scoops: A New Name

Checking , the following names hit the rumor mill officially today: LeHigh names: Jim Hofner (former HC Buffalo), John Luckhardt (California, PA HC), Dave Cecchini (OC Harvard), Andy Coen (OC Penn), Brian Norwood (DB Penn State), Bob Heffner (OL Lafayette), Steve Spagnulo (LB Philadelphia Eagles), Kenny Carter (RB Vanderbilt) First of all, this is one heck of a roll-call for Lehigh's head coaching vacancy, if all are really in the running. All but one of these coaches were already profiled here on the blog, but the one highlighted coach - Kenny Carter from Vandebilt - has not. Let his name officially be thrown in the mix now. Below is a profile on this new candidate. Kenny Carter, RB Coach, Vanderbilt. A Citadel alum and former Citadel assistant coach, Carter has only been a RB coach at Vandy for the past year. He has quite a packed resume, however, with three years as an assistant at Penn State to

A Few More Names To Throw In The Mix

Hope everyone had a happy holiday. As you can tell, I have not been idle in my Christmas "break" from reporting the developments on the Lehigh head coaching search. But some names have been popping up, and I wanted to add these guys to the list of possible coaching candidates. Some names may surprise you. Issac Collins, defensive coordinator, The Citadel. A former "Higgins Guy" who was a part of the Lehigh family, Collins is a firey defensive coordinator who has been at Holy Cross and Delaware over the past three seasons. Very recently he made it to The Citadel to be reuinted with Higgins, but what if he had an offer too good to refuse to become one of the youngest head coaches in Division I? Collins is flat-out a great defensive coordinator - it's no coincidence that Lehigh had great defensive teams with him coaching the defense. But his bitter separation from Lehigh in 2003 may have burned his bridges. Steve Spagnulo, linebacker coach, Philadelphia Eagles. A