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Good stuff about Bergen

This was pilfered from the Arizona Cardinals message board, but this seems to be extremely good news for every Lehigh fan's favorite NFL TE: 8-9-05 Practice For the most part the offense consisted of the 5 OL(including Nick Leckey), Fitz and BJ at WR, Adam Bergen and Aaron Goliday at TE and alternating running backs with J.J. Arrington getting the lion's share. The word is that Kurt Warner and the coaching staff are very impressed with Bergen in the early going. He seems to catch everything thrown his way. There was a lot of red zone work this morning. This appears to be a point of emphasis with Denny this camp. Had to spread the love! This is clearly the first-team offense that Bergen is working with. It's still real early, but Bergen looks like he has a real shot to be the starting TE for the Cards this year. Here on the east coast, we won't be able to watch the Cardinals/Cowboys preseason game this coming Saturday, but you can bet I'll be checking the boxscore a

Media Day Wrapup: Second Chances

I'm back from vacation, two days before Lehigh opens up camp for the 2005 season, and I'm greeted by the wrapups of Patriot League Media Day last week. Not too surprisingly, Lehigh was picked as the preseason favorites to win the Patriot League this year, with Lafayette not incredibly far behind. 1. LEHIGH (8), 68 points 2. Lafayette (3), 61 points 3. Colgate (1), 49 points 4. Fordham (2), 41 points 5. Bucknell, 40 points 6. Holy Cross, 20 points 7. Georgetown, 15 points It seems like the other coaches and SIDs (the people who vote on the poll) feel that Lehigh, with key veterans on both sides of the ball returning, is the team to beat. However, it must be said that it looks like the Patriot League race is wide-open this year, and that's also reflected in this poll. Colgate, Fordham, and Bucknell will be fielding strong teams - any one of these teams have the ability to make a title run. Colgate is starting with a brand-new offense, but they have a big "O" line an