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Showing posts from July 24, 2011

Lafayette Athletic Director "Reassigned" - Why?

It's been an awfully busy week in the world of football. College football media days rage on, including that of the Patriot League, which is less than a week away. The NFL Lockout came to a sudden end , unleashing a frenzy of moves that are dizzying, like DE Jason Babin rejoining the Eagles and RB Reggie Bush going to where Saints running backs go to retire, the Miami Dolphins . And the Patriot League released its 25th anniversary team on Monday , which has stimulated quite a bit of discussion on the fact that a Payton Award winner didn't make the team and the fact that not a single Georgetown player made the list either . Midst the chaos came an announcement that you probably missed. It came from "that school in Easton", and it was no small deal.  It involved the reassignment of Lafayette athletic director Bruce McCutcheon to a "new leadership role" in the athletics department involving athletic fundraising. It's a "reassignment&quo

Goodbye Lockout, Hello, Eagles Training Camp

(Photo Credit: Denise Sanchez/The Morning Call) Lehigh Athletic Director Joe Sterrett admitted this week, after the NFL lockout was finally lifted after a tense 136 days, that folks around the Lehigh athletic department were "living on a string" the past few weeks. With the NFL lockout very much still on a couple of weeks ago, Sterrett made the decision to go ahead and prepare for Eagles Training Camp this summer - just as they had for the last 15 years on South Mountain. It's that preparation - and the "relationships" with folks like Eagles head coach Andy Reid - which ultimately caused the Eagles to bring Eagles Training Camp to Bethlehem for the 16th straight year, even as other NFL teams announced they were modifying or cutting back on their training camps. (more)

Patriot League 25th Anniversary Team Announced

This Monday, the Patriot League announced their 25th anniversary team , and there were some surprises - mostly on the positive side for Lehigh, who netted six spots on the all-time team. Below the flip, see who made it from Lehigh, and see what I think were the shocking omissions from the list. (more)