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Paterno and Wannstedt Want To Help - Bucknell and Lehigh?

(Photo Credit: Nabil K./ Mark/The Center Daily Times) Admit it - did you ever think you'd see the head coaches of Penn State and Pitt together in the same room, let alone joking around? Old-time fans of Penn State certainly must feel like they're in the Twilight Zone, who used to count Pitt as their bitter rival but haven't played each other since 2000.  And newer fans of the big fish in Division I football in Pennsylvania also could be forgiven if they thought something goofy was going on - as rumors that Pitt is about to join the Big 10 have been swirling for the past month, and any place where Dave Wannstedt and Joe Paterno are seen together was bound to set off alarm bells. But JoePa and Wannstedt were there to discuss something that very different than the state of the Big 10.  They were there to lend their support to something that Pennsylvania high school coaches would like to see implemented: a "spring season", or series of spring practices, to hel

Spring Season Wrapup: Lehigh, Lafayette, Holy Cross, Colgate

(Photo Credit: Bergen Minnihan, The Brown & White) To most people in the spring - especially with the unseasonably hot weather, the trees blooming and graduation around the corner for some - thoughts don't usually drift to college football and the upcoming fall season. But there are many Patriot League football players, coaches and fans where the spring means plenty.  To players, it means donning the pads and jerseys to prep for the upcoming season - or support a great cause.  For coaches, it's time to install the gameplans that (hopefully) spell success in the fall. And for fans, well, there's the many reports on the spring football seasons of all the Patriot League schools. With Fordham just finishing up their spring season just last week, it's a good time to go around the league and see where everyone stands.  Part One: Lehigh, Lafayette, Colgate, and Holy Cross.  (more)

The Myths Of Big Ten Expansion

At this time in history, I think numbers have never been more misunderstood. The misunderstanding of numbers permeates every level of politics, business, mutual funds... everything. You don't have to go far to find examples, either. Look at Lehman Brothers, who three years ago thought that getting wholesale into the business of subprime loans and issuing bonds against them was a great idea because there would always be suckers to buy their bonds and real estate would have nowhere to go but up.  Look at Washington, where we've been promised a 1 trillion dollar new spending package without any form of revenue to offset this gargantuan new cost coming up in the next decade.  And not all that long ago came the book " Dow 36,000 ", a book which actually argued that stocks were undervalued since their valuations of "perfectly reasonable prices" showed that it was so.  Now Jim Delany , commissioner of the Big 10, and a gaggle of breathless sportswriters would