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The 1968 Lehigh/Lafayette Game

I've written a lot about Lehigh/Lafayette history so much over the years.  I've written a book about the early Rivalry between Lehigh and Lafayette , and I've blogged and recapped many Le/Laf games over the course of my life. Lehigh and Lafayette have met on the football field over 150 times, and each meeting is its own story.  I know many of the stories well. I've found during "Rivalry Week" for Lehigh and Lafayette that with the sheer volume of games, it's possible to find prior meetings that seem to match similar, but not exact, "vibes".  There are narratives of titles on the line, teams with losing records upsetting teams with winning records... pretty much everything under the sun. This week, 2-8 Lehigh will face off against 8-2 Lafayette.  If the Leopards win, they win no worse than a co-championship with Holy Cross, win the Patriot League autobid to the FCS Playoffs, and - probably the best part of all - they get to celebrate a victory on