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This Weekend In Lehigh Sports 1/26/2007

Although football recruiting is going fast and furious - with rumors of the latest commits hitting our program just this past week - I'm going to refrain from talking about who's in and who's out until next Monday, and instead talk about the basketball and wrestling teams' big matches this weekend. The biggest game of all, undoubtedly, is Lehigh's appearance on ESPNU tonight at 9:00PM when they travel to Worcester, MA to take on the Crusaders (6-0, 15-6). The second leg on our "Theater of Pain" tour, we travel to Hart Center (where we haven't won since 1998) following our drubbing by Bucknell at Sojka Arena 62-44 last Tuesday. If we have any hope of getting higher than a #2 seed in the Patriot League tournament, it would be a massive help to get over the hump by beating a team we haven't beaten on the road in ten years - not to mention it would be our most impressive road win of the season. Although beating Lafayette at home was an expected

Duquesne, Nuclear Scientists, and the Patriot League

My wife and I are old movie buffs, and Turner Classic Movies is one of our favorite TV channels. As we were watching The Heroes of Telemark last night, we saw a classic campy 1965 tale of how playboy nuclear scientist and part-time Norwegian spy for the British Kirk Douglas basically singlehandedly thwarted the Nazi's attempt to create a nuclear bomb. Douglas played a character who could ski like Jean-Claude Killy (complete with Jean-Claude's choice in sweaters), could expertly sabotage the Nazi nuclear program like a Navy SEAL, could decimate half the Nazi empire with perfect marksmanship (must be all that biathlon training), and for good measure could save a bunch of Norwegian kids from sinking on a ferryboat. Basically, he's the perfect candidate for thwarting the nuclear aspirations of the Nazis. Richard Harris, playing the Norwegian underground resistance leader Knut Straud, certainly looked like someone who could probably have wiped out a battallion of Nazis hims

Fantsy Press Conference: Gary Payton, Saints

I've decided to start a new feature, "Press Conferences I'd Like To See". I'm not ashamed to admit that the inspiration for this new addition to my blog was my viewing of the entire Saints/Bears mugging... I mean game. I have no idea why I put myself through things like this - maybe it's because I read too much of the ESPN Sports Guy - but maybe it's a sort of cathartic experience, where I simply spill my frustrations from last night and just pour them into the press conference I'd love to see, just once, in real life. "This will be brief. First of all, congratulations to Lovie Smith, the Bears for playing a good game. And I'd also like to thank the officials for basically making the outcome of this game a foregone conclusion before Rex Grossman threw his first incompletion of many to start this day. Next time, why don't we just not suit up any players, and give it to the Bears straight out? I know a Super Bowl involving the big-TV