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Brown 39, White 37, Final

Most coaches would tell you that the spring game is all about getting some kids in their first real sort-of "game situations" and not sustaining injuries. For Lehigh fans in 2010, though, it would be their first tantalizing peek at offensive coordinator Dave Cecchini 's tweaks on Lehigh's offense and the development of head coach Andy Coen 's overall squad. With an offensive line that was heavily banged up, the total answers to those questions were not answered on a beautiful sunny Saturday in April that could have been plucked out of June and placed at the end of spring football season.  But there was enough to get excited about the fall and what could be shaping up. (more)

Pre-Spring Game Q&A With... Coach Coen

Less than 24 hours before the spring game this weekend, I caught up with Lehigh head football coach Andy Coen on what to look for in the game tomorrow. (more)

Spring Game This Weekend

Could it actually already be time for the Lehigh spring game already?  It seems like just yesterday I was breaking down what needed to be learned this spring on offense and defense . In the past week and a half we've seen the release of the spring prospectus , a new report from leading into this weekend's spring game (whose time has been moved to 10:30 AM this Saturday), and 10 questions with new offensive coordinator Dave Cecchini in the latest edition of the Brown & White student newspaper. That's a lot to cover - and only three precious days to do it before the Spring Game.  With two blog postings to go with exclusive interviews with head coach Andy Coen - one on the class of 2014, and another on how the spring season is going - today I'll spend going over what we know going into this crucial final spring weekend. (more)

Patriot League Players Who Would Love To Be "Mr. Irrelevant"

(Photo courtesy Arrowhead Addict blog) Most years, there aren't a lot of Patriot League football players that are hoping to hear their name called in the NFL draft. Unusually, this year there is one definite NFL draftee ( QB John Skelton ), another very probable NFL draftee ( WR Pat Simonds ) and one who ought to be if the folks around the NFL know anything at all ( QB Dominic Randolph ). But there are a lot of Patriot League players that hope to follow the path of Blake Costanzo and Rabih Abdullah into the NFL.  Neither were drafted, but got a chance to show their stuff as free agent pickups and made (or are making) a career of playing football on Sundays. Would any of these guys gladly be "Mr. Irrelevant", the guy who gets picked last in the NFL draft and gets a gag prize package and a parade held in his honor?  Sure.  But they'd prefer to be playing on an pro team - and there's quite a few of them, including one Lehigh player, that should have a shot

Patriot League NFL Prospects: WR Pat Simonds

(Photo Credit: The Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin) At Patriot League Media Day, the members of the media and athletic departments usually stick around after the event and take the opportunity to network and play a little golf.  You can find out quite a bit about a person when you play 18 holes with them, and this year one of the members of my foursome was none other than WR Pat Simonds , who made the trek to Hamilton. Simonds at first tried to downplay his ability on the links, claiming that he wasn't that good a golfer.  But that fib was rapidly was exposed when he pulled out a large metal wood and proceeded to drill a picture-perfect drive that I could only dream of producing. It wasn't at that moment that I thought Simonds could have a future as an NFL player or draft pick.  I had come to that conclusion long ago.  But FCS writer extraordinaire Dave Coulson , another member of our foursome, did mention that "you could always join Colgate's golf team"