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The 2016 Patsy Ratings: No. 5 - Holy Cross

The weather outside the Committee headquarters was strange.  First, it was warm.  Then, suddenly, it froze.  Then, snow.  Then, torrential rain. "You don't suppose...." one Committee member said. "What?" an irritated, hungry man said. "That... perhaps the Gods don't want us to make these Patsy Ratings anymore," she said.  "Perhaps this is a sign of the end times - an end times that might be averted if we simply decided to not do these Patsy Ratings anymore, let some other people do it." "Come on," hungry man said.  "How can that be?  These ratings are for entertainment purposes only, after all.  They're a sort-of public service to the Patriot League fan community to attempt to figure out who the heck these schools actually got.  How can they be linked with The Big Guys above?" Somewhere, loud lightning cracked overhead. "Care to rephrase that?" she said.