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Showing posts from May 16, 2010

Elena Kagan: The Football Files

(Photo courtesy: The Princetonian) Some folks blog about themselves. Some folks blog about politics. Other folks blog about entertainment. Me? I blog about pretty much whatever comes by my desk.  And it helps an awful lot if it's about football. Contrary to popular belief, I do hold political opinions. But honestly, when I learned that Elena Kagan was to be nominated by President Barack Obama to replace the retiring John Paul Stevens , I merely shrugged. A Columbia guy who went to Harvard Law picked a Princeton girl who went to Harvard Law to replace a University of Chicago guy who went to Northwestern Law. The balance of the court will be unchanged. The nomination will sail through the senate. Not much of a story there. But when Newsweek released their Elena Kagan: Cub Reporter piece this week, I paid attention. It turns out that Kagan wrote several stories talking about the performance of the football team, which - as we all are aware - provides an essential w

Spring Season Wrapup: Georgetown

Spring football ended last month, but there's plenty of buzz to report around a host of Patriot League football programs. I've covered the goings-on at Lehigh, Lafayette, Colgate and Holy Cross , and I made a special section about the exciting new developments at Bucknell . But as much or more is in the wind at Georgetown - with, potentially, an event in the near future that could fundamentally change the type of athletics program Georgetown currently runs. When most members of the Patriot League hear about rumors like the Big Ten's interest in expansion , most probably shrug - after all, the Big Ten or Big East are hardly going to be going approaching Bucknell, Colgate or Holy Cross for potential membership. Georgetown fans, however, are very much paying attention. Their athletic department may be fighting to keep the Big East together for all their other sports - or at least battling for security no matter what happens. That battle affects all of Georgetown athlet

Glad There's Plenty Of Room on the Flyer Bandwagon

(Photo courtesy AP/The Express-Times) I admit it; I'm probably the worst sort of bandwagon-jumper when it comes to hockey.  My days of following the intricacies of one-timers, line changes and faceoff percentages ended well into my 20s when I would attend a Hartford Whalers game a couple times a year and followed that hapless franchise. And - really - I have no time to follow the Flyers during the regular season.  I mean, it starts in the middle of college football season, extends all the way through the Super Bowl and NCAA tournament.  Where's the time to keep up with W Simon Gagne 's performance on the ice? But when the playoffs happen, I start to pay attention. Call me fair-weather?  Sure.  Go ahead; I don't care.  But if you had to pick a time and a place to start paying attention, Game 7 against the Bruins at the new Boston Garden last Friday was probably the best time ever to start. (more)