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Coen's Review from the Press?..... Good!

Ain't this picture (courtesy of Harry Fisher of the Morning Call) a beauty? The press conference was reviewed by the local media (and AP as well), and there's nothing but gushing praise from all corners. The Brown & White hasn't checked in yet, but we'll forgive them - after all, it's still winter break. The jury is in, and Lehigh Nation seems extremely excited. Lehigh Dean of Athletics Joe Sterrett ('76) seems to have made an outstanding choice. There's still a lot of intrigue left. Coach Coen will need to fill out his staff - part of that is deciding who on the current staff stays or goes - and we'll have to see the all-important "class of 2010" announcement, coming up in only a couple of months. For now, though, here's your press roundup and your press digest. (Oh yeah, I also need to summarize 2005 too.) Allentown Morning Call: Andy Coen Is Named Lehigh Football Coach Groller: Coen Hopes To Make Football Fun Easton Express-Times:

Lehigh's New Head Coach Is... Andy Coen!

Hope your money was on Andy Coen and 5:1 odds! The decision was in this morning, and... it's Andy Coen, former offensive coordinator at Penn! There's no doubt in my mind that he's an excellent choice for head coach, and I'm already excited for spring football to start! We are getting a guy that was the one of the architects of the more dominating Lehigh offenses under head coach Kevin Higgins in the mid-to-late '90s. Beloved by former offensive players and an emotional leader, coach Coen boasts a truckload of experience with both the Patriot League and the grant-in-aid scholarship environments. While at Lehigh, he was the offensive line coach in 1994 and 1995, and went on to become Lehigh's offensive coordinator from 1996 to 1999. He coached future NFL RB Rabih Abdullah ('97), RB Ron Jean ('99), WR Brian Baker('97), WR Brett Snyder ('00), and QB Phil Stambaugh ('00). When you look down the rushing and passing milestones, you see these names o

Updated Odds On New Lehigh Head Coach

There's precious little news on the head coaching front, so I figured I'd make my own "odds" as to who the new Lehigh head coach will be. Please don't use these odds to make actual bets - these lines are purely for fun. Harvard OC Dave Cecchini 2:1 Muhlenberg (D-III) HC Mike Donnelly 4:1 Penn OC Andy Coen 5:1 Former Buffalo (I-A) HC Jim Hofner 6:1 Former Gerogia Southern HC Mike Sewak 8:1 Chicago University HC Dick Maloney 8:1 Philadelphia Eagles LB coach Mike Spagnulo 10:1 Lehigh WR coach Adam Scheier 10:1 Lehigh OL coach John Powers 10:1 Vanderbilt RB coach Kenny Carter 15:1 Lafayette OL coach Bob Heffner 20:1 California (PA) (D-III) HC John Luckhardt 20:1 New Hampshire OC Chip Kelley 25:1 Field