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Showing posts from August 15, 2010

Lehigh Media Day: Fresh

If you ask head football coach Andy Coen , he would probably say the theme to this preseason camp would be "212 degrees", the temperature where water starts to boil. If you ask many fans, they would say that the theme is "Who's the quarterback?" But as senior DB Jarard "Main Man" Cribbs said in his hilarious media day interviews with players and head coach , it looks like the theme is really one of a fresh new start.  Putting the exclamation point on it?  The brand-new Under Armor uniforms unveiled on media day.   (more)

Know Your 2010 Opponents: Harvard

Weren't scared enough of a opening weekend trip to Des Moines to face off against a team featuring an NFL prospect on the defensive line?   Not intimidated by playing against last year's national champs ?  Think it will be easy to knock off a nearby rival that has owned us in three of the last four meetings?  Or perhaps you think a game on the road against a team that was nationally ranked in 2004... and hasn't left the Top 25 since , will be a good shot at a Lehigh win? You'd think the schedule would get easier after that tour of the Theatre of Pain . But you'd be incorrect. The schedule originally had Lehigh getting a bye week, and starting off a nice long homestand against Harvard on October 9th. But a scheduling snafu meant instead that Lehigh would be spending the week after their break going back to Cambridge to face off against the Crimson, who have beaten them three of their last four attempts. This New England trip won't be any easier than the

Know Your 2010 Opponents: New Hampshire

(Photo Credit: Deb Cram/Seacoast Online) You can probably forgive New Hampshire fans for being a little bit obsessed with polls. After all, the announcement this week that they were going to be starting the year ranked in the Sports Network poll at No. 10 was nothing unusual for them. Since breaking into the Top 25 on the 13th of September of 2004 - after their shock 35-24 win over Rutgers, behind the efforts of freshman QB Ricky Santos - they never left the polls. Think about that a second. To date, that's 2,165 days as a top team in FCS. That also off the heels of a year where the Wildcats never dropped below 11th in the country, and rose to as high as 4th.  That's what Lehigh is going to be up against when they travel to Durham, New Hampshire this fall. (more)

Sunday's Word: Signs

If it's the middle of August, I'm probably doing one of two things: preparing for the college football season, and catching up on my movie watching before fall sports so dominates my schedule.  This weekend, my wife and I embarked on something we throughly enjoy watching every year: the movie " Signs ". Set very close to where I live, this movie by M. Night Shalyman has not, in certain ways, aged very well.  It was the quintessential perfect movie at the perfect time: released ten months after 9/11, before M.Night thought he was God's best gift to filmmaking since Alfred Hitchcock and subsequently descended into Lady in the Water and  The Last Airbender bad movie purgatory.  It was also released before Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix became two of the craziest human beings on the planet (off-screen). Despite M. Night's worst cinematic instincts creeping into the first half of the movie, and despite the unintentional laugher that Mel and Joaquin create