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Everything I Know about Lehigh's Class of 2015, Part One

I remember, early on in my blogging career, when I thought I would be able to spend the many weeks of the so-called college football "offseason" just leaving the blog for months at a time, without updating. But the truth is, there is never really an "offseason."  Once the season is done, there's always something to talk about, even if there's no more football being played until spring practice. For the months following Lehigh's season-ending defeat to FCS Championship finalist Delaware in the playoffs, the focus has been recruiting, and the class of 2015.  And yesterday, we learned from the composition of the latest incoming class, too . So exactly, who did we get?  And what does everyone think?  You'll find out the answer to that - and more - below the flip. (more)

The Long, Strange, Trip of Signing Day for Lehigh

(Photo Credit: The Long Island Herald) On ESPN, there were only passing mentions to Punxutawney Phil , groundhogs, and the ice storm last week. In the world of hypercharged, BCS-fueled sports media, analysts waited with baited breath about Nick Saban's or Steve Spurrier's latest recruits, not the icy weather in the Northeast that would cancel or delay the many signing-day ceremonies that would constitute most collegiate-bound athletes in this area. But Phil's inability to see his shadow, coupled with the ice storm, meant for incoming Lehigh football recruits it was more of a week of a gradual trickle of letters being signed instead of one large fanfare of signings.  Not that it takes away from the quality of the incoming class that we know so far - far from it.  But it was a much more subdued affair than in years past. Let's summarize what we know about the incoming class of 2015. (more)