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Know Your 2011 Opponents: New Hampshire

(Photo Credit: Tyler McDermott/The New Hampshire)

There's a lot of football games on the schedule in 2011, but the one that seems to loom the largest - aside from that contest Lehigh plays at the end of November, of course - is the home opener.

It's not just because New Hampshire plays in the CAA, the football conference that is getting a reputation as "the SEC of FCS".

It's not just because it will almost certainly be a matchup between Top 25 teams - the first such contest at Murray Goodman since 2004.

And it's not just because the Wildcats humbled Lehigh in Durham last year, 31-10.

It's because last year's game was one of the last appearances of the "old" Lehigh team than the "new" one that closed out the year in 2010. Of all the games on the schedule in 2011, none feels like "redemption" - except this one. (more)