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Players of the Week, Holy Cross vs. Lehigh

The Players of the Week were pretty easy choices this time around.

Offensive Hawk of the Week: Junior RB Jay Campbell (131 yards rushing on 21 carries, 18 yard TD pass)

Defensive Hawks of the Week: (tie) Senior LB Troy Taylor (9 tackles, 1 1/2 tackles for loss including 1 sack, 1 key forced fumble) and junior FS John Venerio (7 tackles, 1 interception, 1 pass breakup)

Special Teams Hawk of the Week: Freshman PK Jake Peery (2/2 XP, 2/3 FGs, 23 yards, 38 yards, missed a long 45 yarder)

I've been remiss in reprinting the exclusive pieces that Lehighsports.Com has put out about members of the senior class. Here are two of them:

Also, former Lehigh WR Sekou Yansane was named a winner of the 2009 Academic Momentum Award through the National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS).


Anonymous said…
It would appear that Andy Coen did not start to successfully recruit until last year. Juniors and Seniors are limited. Just sayin'.

You (any team) are what your record says you are. At 6-5, 5-6 (twice) and now scaping the abyss with 8 or 9 losses, I am hoping that the freefall we purchased with Coen is near bottom. I want desperately to believe that better days are coming. I cannot believe that better days are on the horizon with this character leading the way.

I say retain the defensive coordinator and start over everywhere else, beginning five minutes after the Lafayette game, irregardless whether LU wins final one or two games.
Anonymous said…
You have to go back quite a while to find records like Andy's.

1963- 1-8
1964- 1-7-1
1965- 1-8

1966- 0-9
1967- 1-8
1968- 3-7

1992- 3-8

Mike Cooley set the program on its downward spiral in the 60's and it took Fred Dunlap five years to rebuild. Hank Small similarly was ordinary.

Moral? Get a coach in here please.

Anonymous said…
I remember watching Andy on the sideline in his first game at Lehigh - which he lost - and thinking that he didn't seem to know what he was doing.

Now it's four years later - some things never change.

worst record in 12 years - at least - no improvement noted - even if they shock everyone and beat Lafayette (which they won't)and Fordham (a tossup)

even when Higgins had losing seasons, they were sandwiched around PL title years

only one option...

two more weeks.....
Anonymous said…
Excuse of the Month........

"We are young!"

Give me a freagin break already!

Pack your bags Andy!

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