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Lambert Power Rankings, 11/11/2008

For those that have been following my Lambert Power Rankings this year, James Madison has pulled so far away from everyone. The regular-season LPR title could still be poached by a team (or two), but it's looking pretty likely that it will be going to them:

1. (1) James Madison (CAA, 8-1, 98.5 points)
2. (3) Richmond (CAA, 7-3, 92 points)
3. (2) New Hampshire (CAA, 7-2, 83.5 points)
4. (7) Villanova (CAA, 7-2, 80.5 points)
5T. (5T) William & Mary (CAA, 7-2, 77.5 points)
5T. (8T) Maine (CAA, 7-3, 77.5 points)
7. (4) Colgate (Patriot, 7-2, 74.5 points)
8. (8T) Albany (NEC, 7-3, 73 points)
9. (10) Lafayette (Patriot, 7-2, 71 points)
10. (5T) UMass (CAA, 6-4, 68.5 points)

Let's just say if the Dukes beat William & Mary this weekend, they will clinch the LPR regular-season title. Interesting as well that there has been no movement in and out of the Top 10 this week, only a shuffling of teams.

The official ECAC Lambert poll this week shows:

1. James Madison
2. Villanova
3. Richmond
4. William & Mary
5. New Hampshire
6. Maine
7. Harvard
8. Colgate
9. Massachusetts
10. Lafayette

The official poll includes Harvard and doesn't include Albany. Interesting that my formula-based LPR weights the NEC more heavily than the Ivy League, which admittedly has seen a lot of parity this year. Harvard's only loss came to Brown, but the Crimson haven't gotten a lot of credit in their last four games with their wins over Lehigh, Princeton, Dartmouth and Columbia. (Beat Penn this weekend, though, and they will move more.)

After beating Lehigh this weekend, Colgate jumped from No. 24 to No. 23 in the Sports Network Top 25 poll. Just outside the Top 25 in the "Receiving Votes" column is Lafayette and Holy Cross. There's a chance that the winner of the Holy Cross/Lafayette game this weekend may end up in the Top 25 next week - and if that team is Holy Cross, it will set up a winner-take-all game in Hamilton with the Crusaders facing off against Colgate. (The Raiders are idle this week.)

Here's the latest GPI numbers for all the Eastern schools:

1. James Madison (1.00)
2. Villanova (4.63)
3. Richmond (5.25)
4. William & Mary (10.0)
5. New Hampshire (11.13)
6. UMass (15.63)
7. Maine (16.00)
8. Harvard (19.75)
9. Delaware (26.00)
10. Lafayette (27.50)

Eight out of the top ten schools are CAA schools (including 4-6 Delaware on that list). Also worthy of mention is five of the top eleven schools in the GPI are all CAA schools. This raises the spectre of three at-large bids from the conference this year - perhaps even four.

GPI of all the Patriot League schools:

28. Lafayette (27.50)
29. Colgate (27.75)
32. Holy Cross (30.75)
73. Lehigh (53.00)
77. Fordham (56.13)
90. Bucknell (65.38)
103T. Georgetown (74.50)

In the past two weeks, the Patriot League has soared in the conference ratings for the GPI, thanks to Colgate's winning streak and Lafayette's win over Liberty. They are a solid sixth out of eight autobid conferences, and with a rating of 47.86 should easily finish ahead of the OVC (52.09) and MEAC (60.79).

While we're pretty far away from the next autobid conference (the Missouri Valley, at 38.86), we're also maintaining a slim lead over the Ivy League (.03 points - they sit at 47.89). In other words - thank you, Georgetown! Your win over Marist last weekend made the difference!


Anonymous said…
It would be nice to see Andy have a pair and fire The OC as well as the special teams coach....ridiculous! Some house cleaning needs to be done. It's certainly not Andy..believe me.
Anonymous said…
Are you kidding. Of course it's Andy. He's taken a very successful program and turned it into Georgetown PA. Until he goes get used to losing and all the press conferences where he says I think we're a better team than our record indicates. Guess're not.
Anonymous said…
Why should we believe you that it isn't Andy?
Anonymous said…
Why dont you ask one of the top recievers who quit the team the week before last, he came back but certainly isn't thrilled with the coaching staff? I won't mention names becuase it wouldn't be fair to him but it is a fact!
hawkineer said…
"It would be nice to see Andy have a pair and fire The OC as well as the special teams coach....ridiculous! Some house cleaning needs to be done. It's certainly not Andy..believe me."

Let's get this straight - ANDY should have some gonads so ANDY can fire two coaches who ANDY has maintained on ANDY'S staff. But ANDY isn't the problem.
Conclusion - ANDY has got no balls, ANDY can't make tough decisions. ANDY doesn't surround himself with the right people. Got to be the dumbest defense of a head coach in history.
Anonymous said…
Say what you want, I knew I would be up for some ridicule for that statement. You don't want to lose Coen as the head coach I assure you. He needs a few guys on his staff that come from winning programs to help out. His staff is not good. The cupboard isn't bare by any means. Ive listened to you (Hawkineer), post over the years and for the most part you have some very profound things to say. I actually have read your posts with genuine interest. I had no idea you were a complete douchebag. Happy holidays!
Anonymous said…
It's too bad some of you have to revert to name calling. But I guess that's what a losing program will do. It's OK to express your feelings and opinions but let's not forget the players read this blog too. You should consider their feelings before shooting off at the mouth. I'm sure they feel bad enough.
Anonymous said…
who said anything about the players db
Anonymous said…
I'm sure most of the players have most of the same opinions. Give them a little credit....... There even may be 1 or 2 writing their opinions on here. You just never know...............

Coen must go!
hawkineer said…
Thanks for the name calling. I least I don't post anonymously anywhere on any board. To make an argument that LU doesn't want to lose Coen and then cite numerous issues that make him a lousy head coach is irrationale. Then to defend your position, your comeback is his staff is bad and the team's got talent,but we don't want to lose Coen. Now the logic is that he doesn't hire good coaches and he can't coach good talent. Perhaps, my LU education is failing me because I just can't grasp this logic.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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