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Drink of the Week for "The Rivalry"?

Thought I'd try something interesting here. I'd like to hear your nominations for "LFN's Drink of the Week" for "The Rivalry" (or Lehigh/Lafayette, for you newcomers here). What drink sums up this year's game in Easton? Yuengling? Any variety of wine? Perhaps a drink including Jagermeister?

After the Bucknell game, I'll put up a poll with everyone's favorites, and you, the readers, will decide what the drink will be! And the winning drink will be posted in my preview of the game next Thursday,

Leave a comment on this post with your nomination below!


Anonymous said…
These guys are going to blow us out of our shoes! We Want CHANGE!!!!!
Anonymous said…

For starters, you need to stop touting Yuengling like its a good beer. Despite it being a relatively local product and one of the Yuengling daughters being an LU alum, Yuengling should not be considered the Lehigh beer of choice.

Ok, now that I've finally gotten that one off my chest after all these years, I'll put forward the Hot Chocalate with Rumpelminze drink. L-L is usually cold and tailgating begins early, so you need something to warm you up and this does the trick. This should be followed by Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest beer. (Yes, I know it's no longer Oktoberfest, but this fits the bill by being a great beer to drink in cold, but not yet winter temps)

- LUHawker
Anonymous said…
And what's wrong with Yuengling Mr Snob? We of the Great Unwashed prefer it to swill like Bud, PBR or Miller. We don't need no stinkin' foreign beer to get tanked-up. Besides, what difference does it make when all of our drinks will be diluted by our tears?
Anonymous said…
I think a "Nasty Jack" is in order, because it has been a nasty season.

In a shot glass, mix:
1 part Jack Daniels
1 part Yukon Jack
1 part Apple Jack

Yes, it lives up to its name, but 8 or 12 of these and you should forget about this season.
Anonymous said…
Since you asked, anonymous, I'll tell you what is wrong with Yuengling. First it uses corn in place of malt, which weakens the flavor and is a cost-cutting measure (Bud does the same thing). It also has high-levels of DMS or dimethyl sulfide, which producess a corn-like aroma and flavor and is estery. None of these are qualities of good beer.

My previous comment had nothing to do with the Great Unwashed or hoi-polloi.

Lastly, I'm more optimistic this year than the past couple that our tears will be ones of joy than sorrow on Nov. 22nd.

- LUHawker
Anonymous said…
I will second the Hot Chocolate with Rumpleminze nomination. Sounds perfect for a cold day in Easton.
Anonymous said…
BIRKIE BLOODY is THE drink for all tailgates !!

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