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Lehigh 10, Holy Cross 59, final

Two weeks ago, coach Coen said that the next two weeks will define who we are as a football team.

We have been defined all right.

"We embarassed the Brown & White today," coach Coen said in the postgame press conference today.

And I'm not all that sure much more needs to be said. Coach Coen said "we're not a good football team right now" as well, and he's right.

Want reasons? Why list them? Let's just say that Lehigh was outplayed in every phase of the game on offense, defense and special teams. We couldn't stop them, and we couldn't do anything consistently on offense on them either. We didn't hit, we didn't tackle, we weren't tough, and we didn't battle. We didn't hustle off the field. The coaching staff and the players appeared to learn absolutely nothing from the Fordham loss two weeks ago. It was the biggest game of the year - and the team came out flat. How is this possible?

You know what else was really troubling about this game? There was no fight in this team. Sometimes, even when a team loses, they will still continue to battle and battle even in defeat. With the game out of reach, the replacements on defense didn't battle. There are a lot of athletes on offense, defense, and special teams that packed it in. That's inexcusable at any level of play.

Where is the pride? How was the team not prepared to play?

As a result of this humiliating loss - the worst in Goodman Stadium history - we won't be playing for Patriot League championships this year. We'll be playing for a winning season, maybe. Pride.

What is wrong with the program?


Anonymous said…
Am I watching a program in free fall?

This program seems to have regressed 10 years. Today was just humiliating - record setting futility in a league game.

I imagine that Joe Sterrett began an inquiry about 4:00 today. I foresee personnel changes (player and staff) in the future.
Anonymous said…
10 years???? Wasn't that the higgens era? I'd love to go back to that
Anonymous said…
Yes, I saw Joe down on the sideline in the second half. Unusual to me to see the AD down there monitoring things. We were completely picked apart on defense. They had us scouted every way from Sunday and ran their plays with precision. Everyone knew we'd have to pressure Randolph. We hardly came close. Not one sack. A QB of his ability will pick any defense apart, let alone one where our DBs rarely stick with the receivers. So many wide open receivers, the third string qb could have hit most of his throws. Moreover, I can't remember such horrible tackling..and we've seen this for weeks from some of the senior leaders. Very, very troubling. I believe some very tough decisions will have to be made to get things turned around and I believe Sterrett has to meet with Coen and determine whether the DC and OC are the problem. The kids don't seem to be respondng to anything. Oh, yes, The Citadel and Elon continued their magical seasons today...
hawkineer said…
I think Coen gets one more year with the condition his staff gets revamped. The most disconcerting fact is the upperclassmen have not improved under this staff's leadership. Clearly, Threatt will not reach his potential. That is the fault of the coaches. He clearly has talent, raw at times, that should have developed. The secondary clearly should have been the strength of the defense given the fact the there all experienced upperclassmen. Again, they have not reached their potential. I see Brown and Wilcher being let go.

It is amazing the Coen learned nothing from two excellent head coaches, Higgins and Bagnoli. I don't think that I have ever seen such an emotionless, flat, uninspired team wear the Brown and White. Even when they were outmanned, the played hard. To lay an egg like that on homecoming is distressing.
Anonymous said…
"Am I watching a program in free fall?"
Man, if the wasn't rock bottom today and there some more fallin' to go, wake me after we hit the rocks.

I can't sit through another game like that.
Anonymous said…
I think one thing is clearly obvious from this game. That is the talent level that Lembo has left is horrible. Coen and his coaching staff has not made the coaching changes to help compensate for the low talent level. I just hope Coen doesn't bench his best player so we can still accomplish one goal...Beat Lafayette. By the way yes the best player I am referring to is Sedale.
Anonymous said…
How in God's name is this Lembo's fault? He left two years ago. Most Pete's boys are long gone: either through graduation or just getting the hell out of this floundering program.

And to think I used to hear the alumni complaining every Saturday because Lembo didn't run the ball enough even when Lehigh was beating the snot out of most opponents. Now you're getting what you asked for - Smashmouth football. Too bad it's your own mouths getting smashed.

Time to raid some asst coaches from Lafayette and Fordham's staff.
Anonymous said…
Coach Coen has one goal left - Beat Lafayette. Something he has failed to do even once. If he fails at this task, he should be gone. Losing a 4th straight game to LC would be unexcusable.

Someone made a regression comment - I think we're looking at more like 13 years when LC kicked the crap out of us - 54-20.
hawkineer said…
"I just hope Coen doesn't bench his best player so we can still accomplish one goal...Beat Lafayette. By the way yes the best player I am referring to is Sedale."
Chuck (a.k.a. LFN)is that you posting as anonymous? There goes that Sedale's our best player statement. By what OBJECTIVE measure is Sedale our best player?
Perhaps the only possible argument is that he is the best of the worst. Cause if he's LU's best player, there is absolutely no hope for now or the future.
van said…
I was at the game and have these observations.

Offense is still pathetic. More than enough has been said about that.

Defense was out classed by an excellent HC offense and I would say they have lost their spirit knowing the offense can't carry their share of the load. Linebackers could not cover the crossing patterns over the middle. Aaron continues to have trouble coving wide outs one on one and Brannon's injury giving him trouble tackling. Other than one long run, we contained their limited running attack. HC punted only once with first string offense.

I thought our special teams were pretty good most of the day. I attribute a couple ill advised decisions like Brannon trying to field a punt inside the 10 yard line and John K fielding a kick off near the pylon due to special teams trying too hard to play above their level (pressing).
hawkineer said…
"10 years???? Wasn't that the higgens era? I'd love to go back to that"

Just think, next year, we'll be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the 1998 undefeated P.L. Championship team. This started a four year run that will not be repeated in the P.L. anytime soon. 42-1 regular seaon record, almost impossible to comprehend. God I miss it.
Holy Cross fan here. Yes, Lehigh appeared to have absolutely no spirit after going down 31-10. But, give credit where credit is due. Tom Gilmore was the guy you should have been smart enough to keep. His departure obviously has hurt Lehigh and has turned the Sader's program around. As hard as it is to admit it as Lehigh fans, your team got beat by a better football team. HC was down 30-3 at UMASS in the season opener and came back to give a major scare to the then #3 team in 1AA and lost by 10. This was an indicator of how good this team is and they have been getting better as the season goes on. Lehigh lost to a more talented group. No if,ands or buts about it. Sorry, but reality bites for some members in this league. It's nice to see other teams finally leading the charge like Fordham and THE CROSS! It's been pretty boring the past few years Lehigh/Lafayette...Lehigh/Lafaytte,blah blah blah. Let's see if a new Patriot League champ can move beyond 1 1AA playoff game. My $ is on the Saders!
Lehigh74 said…
The HC fan is definitely right about one thing. There are ex Lehigh coaches doing great things at a lot of 1-AA schools but unfortunately not at Lehigh.
Anonymous said…
I am a senior at Lehigh and have not missed a game at Goodman Stadium in my four years here. What I saw on Saturday was just the most embarrassing display from this football team and any athletic performance at Lehigh. As soon as this team got down, there was NO fire, NO motivation from the guys on the sidelines. They just looked like they had the idea they could walk back out onto the field and make things better. Obviously this was not the case. No coach seemed to be getting in anyone's face telling them to wake up. The expression looked like "we'll get'em next time guys". In my opinion, Coen, his coordinators, and probably most of the staff need to go. The defensive scheme is just awful because he does not have the personnel to run a 3 man front and the secondary has more holes than a block of swiss cheese. Yes, he has brought in some impressive freshmen, but he gets NOTHING out of the upperclassmen. How does Sedale regress so much as a senior? Where is the domination and push by the offensive line Coen was going to bring to this program? Coaching, coaching, coaching - and it's not there. I think that this team has simply quit on the coach. I'm just hoping we get through these next couple games healthy and just beat those bums 12 miles east of here, because I need to experience that for my first time. I love this school and the game of football, and I just hope things get straightened out, and quickly.
MI said…
Let's not forget Higgins left to go to the NFL, Lehigh did not fire him. Would love to still have him. Although we were never embarrased under Lembo, we stopped winning big games under him, not to mention his bad decision to start Hall over Luke C v Furman. There was something missing with him. Clearly, there is something missing here as well, pathetic. He is playing with some of Pete's players though, it's just his second year. Regardless, if not major improvement rest of this year and next, AC should be gone.
Anonymous said…
Recruiting has dropped off since Higgins left; never more obvious than at QB. Here's something sobering: Last year's D gave up 222 pts. all year and finished 6-5. This year, through 7 games, the D has surrendered 211.

Last time LU was outscored at end of season was 1997, the last losing team.

We are spoiled by the success of 1998 - 2001. The past few years have been good ones though, with an average of 8-9 winns per season, at least a share of PL title and until recently, a W over LC.

Try this on for size: Since the heart wrenching last second loss to LC in 2005, we are 9+9.
MI said…
Overall, there has been very little good coming out of this year. Too many injuries, Sedale incredibly inconsistent, terrible "D". I hope anonymous is not right in asking if we are watching a program in free fall.
Anonymous said…
Lembo's recruiting classes were not even close in talent to the classes Higgins brought in. He didn't leave because he wasn't loved - he left because he knew what lay ahead for Lehigh. Another comment on Lembo - never was an OC - never called any plays -given way to much credit for an offense he didn't run. Great organizationally, great polititian - He knew when to leave.

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