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Boo Birds

I've had quite enough of you "boo birds" out there.

Yeah, you know who you are - so-called Mountain Hawk fans that "helpfully" suggest benching our starting quarterback and start losing the rest of our games so we can build for next season.

Let me get this straight - you'd prefer to bench our starting quarterback and have the seniors lose on homecoming, lose to "that school in Easton" for the fourth time in a row for the sake of hitting rock bottom and building up from there?

Last I checked, Lehigh only had one league loss. A win this weekend, coupled with a Fordham loss, would all of a sudden put Lehigh back into the mix for a title and possibly an autobid into the playoffs. I'm as perplexed by anyone at the lack of offensive production the past three games, but benching our starting QB and going with an all-freshmen team for the sake of "rebuilding" is complete and utter idiocy.

It really hit home after listening to the "Andy Coen Report" last night and listening to the call-ins. I've come to expect such stuff from Yankee fans. But Lehigh fans?

I want to go on the record as saying that I don't believe in any of this sort of tripe, nor do I seek to encourage it. I want the seniors to be able to go out of Lehigh on a winning note - especially against "that school in Easton" - and nothing else really matters. If Fordham runs the table and wins the Patriot League, that's fine since there's nothing we can do about that. But I want these seniors to taste success and at least have a chance at a championship this year.

When push comes to shove, I side with the team, and the seniors who have more of a chance to affect the outcome of the game than I or anyone else out these does. I know this team has the talent to win the rest of their games. I know the seniors can win this game this weekend. I have faith that coach Coen will put Lehigh in position to make plays to win the game, and I have faith that our starting offense will make those plays and get things done. I know they can get this done. I know it!

Benching our best offensive player would be an unmitigated disaster.

Nothing would make me happier than having this team shut these "fans" up. And I really, really hope they do shut them up on Saturday. The players, the coaches, everyone involved with Lehigh. I would love for them to figuratively put a huge roll of duct tape around these "fans" mouths.


parz '92 said…
I agree with you 100%. You mention these people are like Yankee fans, but, as your picture shows, they are more like Eagles Fans (as your picture aptly shows). Always second guessing the experts.

Threat is NOT a bad quarterback. Yes, he's had some struggles, but he has the talent to win. If Lehigh had another QB in the wings or if Threat was horrible, sure, they should try the alternative, but that is not the case.

Why would anyone suggest doing anything less than playing the best they can? It isn't like they'll get a better draft pick. Lehigh lost to good teams and was alive in every one of those games.

Coen is in his second year. If he doesn't prove himself with a winning record, or at least a win at Easton Community College (which to some is a winning season), he will be replaced.

Let us support our players and cheer them on!

Anonymous said…
I also agree. Let's all leave Threatt alone. He's a great kid who's survived many obstacles in his life. Put the blame where it belongs on the coaching staff. We never seem to be prepared and always get out coached. This goes back to the embarrasment at Easton last year. I feel for the seniors. Coen may have been a good offensive coach at Penn but we'll see how long he's going to last at Lehigh.
hawkineer said…
Don't back down now. Not only would LU be benching their best offensive player but the most talented quarterback you've ever seen put on a Lehigh uniform. Hmmmm! Still waiting for you to defend that yet to explain that "interesting" conclusion.

Threatt may be the best QB on the team and, therefore, he deserves to play. However, in the last two years, he is 9-8 as a starting QB. While the QB normally gets too much credit for wins and too much blame for the losses, that's life at the position whether you're in high school or the NFL. LU QBs with a winning % of 60% and 0-2 against LC are not bound for the Penske Hall of Fame.

Threatt can be someone admired for being a "great kid who's survived many obstacles his life." That doesn't and hasn't translated into being an effective QB this year.

By the way, I'm an Eagles fan ;-).
Anonymous said…
You have lost it, Chuck.

Whatever attempt at objective journalism you've made is gone. You are a HOMER. It's one thing to be a fan, another to always defend the home team.

(That said, I do appreciate what you do with your blog. I'll just start reading it with a different perspective.)

Don't we all support our troops? Are we less patriotic if we question the way the war has been executed, or the performance of Rumsfeld or the QB of the Army? I'm a conservative Republican and I question this fiasco, as most Americans do, too.

Why can't we suggest constructive alternatives -- taking a different direction? It's nothing personal.

I think all of us hope Sedale succeeds. But ... you either get the job done or you don't (and that goes for any player).

If LU doesn't win Saturday, it does have to build for the future. What's to say another QB can't play as well as Sedale?

There were boo-birds calling for Borda to play as a freshman, then a soph. Were they wrong?

What if Borda played poorly the year Sedale took over? Would the boo-birds have been wrong?

What about the boo-birds calling for the replacement of Brant Hall? Were they right? Of course they were.
Christopher S said…
Has Sedale beaten Lafayette?

Time's yours.
Anonymous said…
It is time to shut down LFN! Its appearance coincided with the decline of Lehigh football. The obvious conculsion is that LFN is responsible for the decline.

This is no less logical than some of the statements that have lately appeared on LFN.
Anonymous said…
As a Lafayette alum... it pleases me to no end to watch your fan base implode with in-fighting.

However, I think we can all agree that Threatt is a great athlete, but maybe not the best QB in the land. Kinda reminds me of Akili Smith/Michael Vick (pre-dogfighting).

You guys always have great recruiting classes, you have to have someone else over there that can play the QB position as good or better than Threatt...don't you?
jen said…
hey, chuck. i also agree with you 100%. sometimes teams who have great records, even lehigh, have crappy seasons. and even with the huge blowout today, there's still a season to play. i know comments are going to get ugly after this game. and yeah, maybe coen will be gone after this year. but let's remember that there's still a large part of a season to play and players to support. at least it really can't get any worse. until the lafayette game, possibly.

(and one more thing: THIS BLOG IS CALLED LEHIGH FOOTBALL NATION. was it ever evident that chuck doesn't root for the home team?)
Anonymous said…
"...but let's remember that there's still a large part of a season to play and players to support. at least it really can't get any worse. until the lafayette game, possibly." What the heck does that mean? Ugh!
jen said…
it was my attempt at dry humor. sorry it didn't satisfy yours. ugh.

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