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14 Hawks Make All-Patriot

Finally - FINALLY - I'm getting to congratulate the Lehigh Mountain Hawk Gridders that made the All-Patriot League team this year. PK Jason Leo heads the list of ten Hawks that made the first team - more than any other Patriot League squad. In addition, Leo won Special Teams Player of the Year for his efforts punting and kicking.

The complete list of honorees is as follows:

1st Team Offense
QB Sedale Threatt
TE Landon Maggs
OL John Reese
OL Jim Petrucelli
PK Jason Leo

Threatt gets the nod, rightfully in my opinion, for first team QB over Lafayette's QB Brad Maurer and Holy Cross' QB Dom Randolph. Threatt may not have gotten the most yards passing (a solid 2,008 yards), but his passing accuracy (61%, good enough for a 144.66 QB rating) and his abilities as a runner (8 TDs to go with his 14 TD passes gave him 22 on the year) really vaults him ahead of the other two. Next year, it should be awfully interesting to see Threatt and Randolph, who will be returning for their senior and junior years respectively.

In a really weak year for receivers (the top receiver, Holy Cross WR Ryan Maher, had less than 800 yards receiving!), it was a real disappointment to not see one of my favorites, WR Frank "Al Del Greco" Trovato get a nod at receiver (594 yards, 4 TDs). Of course, he would be better suited as a pick for a return man (283 yards, 1 huge TD against Villanova), but curiously the league does not honor kick returners or punt returners in their all-Patriot teams. This means that two guys that really should get accolades this year, Trovato and Lafayette PR Shaun Adair, get shut out for awards, even though they're both near the top of the all-purpose yards lists. My opinion? They should offer a slot for 1st Team/2nd Team return men. Trovato and Adair deserve recognition.

Reflecting the weakness in receiving, TE Landon Maggs won first-team TE in a field which didn't feature any Adam Bergen's in their midst (Maggs only had 98 yards receiving and 1 TD). Having said that, Maggs, along with OL John Reese and Jim Petrucelli, were key "O" linemen in generating 3,765 yards of total offense.

2nd Team Offense
RB Marques Thompson
OL Jimmy Kehs

RB Thompson (100 all-purpose yards per game, 8 TDs), quietly got the props he deserved after quietly being a force for the Lehigh offense week in and week out, but with Lafayette RB Jonathan Hurt and Colgate RB Jordan Scott ahead of him, it's not surprising he was on the second team. As for OL Jimmy Kehs (who will be a senior next year), I'm baffled as to why he wasn't first team as to me he was our best "O" lineman. As much as I love our line, I probably would have picked Kehs on the first team with Reese and Petrucelli on the second team. My choices to replace Reese and Petrucelli? Lafayette's OL Jesse Padilla and Bucknell's OL Stephen Niemczyk, also relegated to the second team.

1st Team Defense
NT Eric Rakus
DL Paul Fabre
DL Royce Morgan
DB Julian Austin
DB Brannan Thomas

My biggest shock here, I have to admit, was seeing Royce Morgan on this list. Royce still pulled together a solid season, though (9 games, 26 tackles, 7 tackles for loss 2. sacks). But when you think about it, these stats were accumulated after splitting time all year after coming to the team late after an eligibility dispute. When put in that context, those are pretty impressive numbers. Rakus' place is more than deserved (54 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, 1 INT, 1 forced fumble), while Paul Fabre tied for the team lead in sacks with 3. Although this has to go down in history as the only 3-4 team with 3 *linemen* getting the accolades and 0 *linebackers*, congratulations to our "D" line! (Even if I would have put Lafayette's DL Kyle Sprenkle over DL Paul Fabre.)

CB Brannan Thomas and FS Julian Austin finished up their fine careers with 1st team all-Patriot nods as well. Thomas managed a fine season after he decided to forgo playing offense to exclusively play defense, with 20 tackles, 3 INT, and 5 passes defensed. Considering he was a full-time defensive player for only 6 games, these are impressive numbers. Austin had, well, a Julian Austin-type season with 43 tackles, 3 fumble recoveries (including that huge one for a TD against Holy Cross) and 5 pass break-ups. Our secondary, the strength of our team, got some deserved accolades.

2nd Team Defense
LB Matt Mohler

DB Ernie Moore

First of all, I think DB Ernie Moore should have been first team - I probably would have put him there over Brannan Thomas. Our leading tackler with 64 tackles and 4 INTs deserved to make it. (I think the fact that the four honorees were all seniors had a lot to do with that, while we're going to happily get Moore back for next season.)

LB Matt Mohler (a converted "D" lineman) was probably our best linebacker on the year, with 41 tackles and 1 1/2 sacks, but if Colgate LB Mike Gallihugh, Fordham LB Marcus Taylor, and Bucknell's LB Dorian Petersen didn't get 1st team, there would have been a mutiny among Patriot League coaches.

Congratulations to all the winners! You should all be proud of what you've been able to accomplish this year. Next week I'll do the "Lehigh Football Season In Review", just in time for the Division I Football Championship game. Stay tuned!


Ngineer said…
LFN--I had heard that Thomas may be eligible for a medical redshirt since he missed most of a prior season due to injury. Any credence? If so that really makes our secondary strong for next year.
LU in NJ said…
>>>>>>>>Good to see Sedale selected as the First team QB after reading some of the mis-guided comments on this blog that ragged on him.

For the record, I maintained all season long that the decrease in scoring from past years was due to a more conservative offensive scheme and not Sedale as some posters claimed.

Even more interesting to see the high number of OL and DL first and second teamers.

It leaves one to wonder why we used a 3-4 defense when we had 3 first team DL players and no first team LBs.

It also raises the question of why so many posters insisted we needed a bigger O-line when, in fact, we had the best o-line in the conference.

Last, but not least, it's obvious that a team with so many All-Patriot players had plenty of talent to achieve better than the worst Lehigh record in 9 years.

And, say what you will about the prior coach, but he clearly recruited some quality guys to lehigh and he certainly did not leave the cupboard bare.
Go Lehigh TU owl said…
Lehigh should not have had 3 first team DL. Rakus was deserving the others were not. Lehigh's DL was fine against the Georgetown's Bucknells and Fordhams of the world but not against Lafayette or any other phyical team. They need to get bigger in that area. I remeber when they had Pettit and Slaton up front and they were imoveable objects. That combined with strong LB's made for a D that could compete with any teams in the country.

The OL was not too bad this year considering what they had to work with it. They weren't huge but i thought were effective enough in every game including Lafayette. I actually think as a unit they'll be better next year. Bayani and Kehs should be two good bookends and hopefully Coen can mold a good interior.

The cupboard was not bare and still isn't. However right now the program is at the crossroads. Hopefully everyone involved will raise the level to make sure it returns to where it was 5-6 years ago.
Ngineer said…
I agree with the above, that the line upgrade must be on the DL side. More strength against the run--we got worn down too much this year up front. The fact that we had 3 DL on the PL Team just shows how we were overall in the league--and the PL was weak this year. We still had the best showing OOC. The most frustrating thing is over the past two years the number of close losses we've had. The only game where we suffered a good butt-kick in two years was the last one. The team has to learn to believe in itself and with the attitude the I believe Coen will be instilling, I expect those close losses will turn into 'W's. The OL should be strong next year, as also noted above, which should bode well for Threatt, McGowan and Pastore--a 'Three-Headed Monster'. We have some very good young LB's who, hopefully, will be able to beef up some in the offseason. The key for next year will be how good we rebuild the front defensive front seven.
Anonymous said…
And I still maintain that Threatt does not belong in the pantheon of Lehigh quarterbacks. Maurer was a much more accomplished QB and was robbed in the voting. Sedale is a pretty good running QB but he has no conception of the word "touch" when throwing the ball. For a guy that can supposedly run, he gets sacked an awful lot. He still has trouble seeing beyond his primary receiver and when he's in trouble he panics. Sorry, I'm not on this bandwagon at all. The guy's too streaky to be a successful QB when the big game is on the line. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of field general Coen will recruit himself.
Anonymous said…
after next year Sedale will go down as one of the best QBs to play at Lehigh. Guy is good, but for some reason you guys expect him to win a national championship or something. He gets bashed way to much, good to see the league reconize him.

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