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Lehigh 45, Fordham 14, final

You couldn't ask for a better game to go into next week's Lehigh/Lafayette game.

A playoff game. Lehigh/Lafayette next week will be for all the marbles - the I-AA playoff bid is on the line. The winner will definitely be in; the loser will definitely be out.

With Colgate's surprising win over Holy Cross up in Hamilton, the Lehigh/Lafayette game once again will be for all the marbles next week. Like 2004, Lehigh has already clinched a share of the Patriot League title by thrashing Fordham today, but have to beat Lafayette to gain sole possession of the title and a I-AA playoff bid.

For sure, a game like today is how you want to go into the biggest game of the year. RB Marques "Mud" Thompson had 3 TDs, while QB Sedale Threatt added 3 passing TDs of his own. Over 400 yards of total offense, and CB Brannan Thomas added two interceptions to make the outcome not in doubt.

In a way, it was a nice "blast from the past" to see Lehigh manhandle an opponent and win by more than 30 points, especially at Murray Goodman to add a little bit of "home field mystique" back to the Mountain Hawks. A very pleasant win...

... that will quickly be forgotten. You could feel the eclipse of the "Lehigh/Lafayette" rivalry coming across the landscape when Lehigh was up 38-7 in the 3rd quarter, and after the Colgate upset of Holy Cross became a reality, the realization that "The Rivalry" will be for the playoff berth. It's always a huge week of hype before "The Rivalry", and the "winner-takes-all" aspect of it simply makes it that much bigger.

Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we talk about rivalries and huge games.


Drunken Engineer said…
Great game by Lehigh. Beautiful weather.

I thought Josh Pastore scored on one the TDs on a running play in the 4th qtr.
hawkineer said…
Obviously you weren't too drunk. Pastore scored the last TD on the sweep to the right.
Ngineer said…
This as a good ol' butt kicking. But for the opening drive by Fordham, this was a game that warms the cockles. A great springboard for next week! Thomas was definite defensive player of game. Not only the TWO interceptions, but the incredible hit on the TE that knocked him into next week and sent a strong message to the other Ram receivers.
Lehigh74 said…
Thomas did have a great game. It makes you wonder what the coaching staff was thinking when they had him playing wide receiver the first 5 games of the year. As a defensive back, he might have been a difference maker in some of those games. Fortunately, they finally got it right.
Drunken Engineer said…
My confusion was due to Chuck reporting that Marques Thompson scored 3 TDs and Sedale Threatt passed for 3 TDs, which is true, but one of Thompson TDs was a pass from Threatt.

It was a great game to watch. Drinking to celebrate tastes sweeter than to drown your sorrows.
Anonymous said…
I think Thomas had offseason shoulder surgury and maybe he was able to return quicker by playing WR since he wouldn't have to tackle.
Anonymous said…
a few things
1. Thomas is the difference to this defense. He is shutdown. He had two INTs yesturday, one v. bucknell. He is finially back to his old form. I saw the one wr for lafayette had 274 yds yesturday so it will be Thomas's job to shut him down which i think he will do.
2. Why did the coaching staff not pick on #36 a 5 8 freshman corner who covered 6 1 Yansane most of the game. Miss match? Finially in the 3rd quarter they threw it Yansane's way. Sedale threw a shit ball but Yansane caught it anyway like usual. They MUST throw him the ball more for lehigh to win. Sedale has been throwing bad passes recently and Yansane can bail him out.
Ngineer said…
Frequently the great stats of a QB are due to having top notch receivers. Receivers who can adjust to the ball are priceless, and Yansane has shown that uncanny ability.
I still think the Number one job next week will be to shut down Hurt, which will then cause the secondary to play their game of the year. Lafayette has several WR's who are dangerous. Front seven cannot let Maurer have time, but at the same time contain him. Both teams seem to have hit their strides at the same time.
LU in NJ said…
>>>>>>>Three key factors for the laf game:

I.)Stay healthy----last yr we played with our backup QB. We'll need everyone for this game.

II.) No unforced errors-----last yr we dropped a TD pass and snapped the ball over the punters head resulting in an easy TD for laf. Also, we can't have the dumb penalties that we had against Fordam. laf is too good of a team to make unforced errors against.

III.) Come up with some big plays of our own-----last yr laf rose to the occassion when they had too and I give them credit for it.

This Lehigh team is extremely talented. Stay healthy, minimize unforced errors and make a few big plays-----three things we didn't do last year-----and it's on to the playoffs.
Anonymous said…
Everything is lining up just right for a storybook ending to this season. All the early season anxt could be a distant memory with a win against the Easton school. WHEN we beat the spotted cats, I really think this team is going to be overlooked by the powerhouse team we match up with in the first round. The Patriot League is on no one's radar this year, and that opponent will take their first round for granted (along the lines of Western Illinois back a few years). An example of the lack of respect for us right now- Fordham is listed as getting votes this week in the CSN poll, NOT Lehigh.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I nearly fell out of my chair today when I saw that poll - Fordham the Patriot team with the most votes????? What are those voters reading - Vince Lombardi's memoirs??
Anonymous said…
this is coming from a recent grad/player from your lehigh team, our program is a hault right now and in order for us to become a premier team in the league again we have to compete on and off the field with the other teams, the rest of the league yes i said the rest is moving ahead of us..from facilities,recruiting, the way they treat their athletes and the whole experience. im telling you all this in all honesty but about 99% of the team is on board but all 99% feel like they arent getting the full experience of a real program, there is alot of little things such as getting one grey workout shirt,gold shorts,grey undershorts for 4 years! one pair of cleats for the WHOLE year as well as not having up to date nutriotion and workout supplements that other patriot league schools are getting. If lehigh wants this program to remain close to the top alot of changes have to be made, in order to remain on top you have to recruit better than everbody else..i give it 3 aybe 4 more years and lehigh will be the 4th best team in the league why? because the program hasnt advanced since the 70' if you think im bullshitting ask any current or former player.....lehigh needs to keep up with the rest of the pack the sprint is downhill now and lehigh athletic dept still thinks we are miles ahead like we use to be little have they understood that everybody else has opened up stride and is now a few steps ahead...tradition isnt old time sakes tradition is Winning in order to keep winning you have to be bigger, badder, and better than everybody else..someone please express this to joe sterett, hell the basketball team can get renovated locker rooms and football cant? please...were are behind the 8-ball i want to see lehigh back as the team! no a team in a league!

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