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GTTS: "The Game"

As I sit and write the Patriot League preview for magazine, something keeps bothering me.

Every time I refer to Lehigh/Lafayette, I have to call it "The Game". Some may like it named that way, but I sure don't. I feel like when most non-beleivers look at references to "The Game", it refers to Harvard/Yale. When pressed further, I then have to talk like a wild-eyed cultist as to how Lehigh and Lafayette have played each other more times, have played more consecutive years, and have more at stake (I-AA playoff berths).

There has to be a better name to call the most-played football rivalry in the world. "The Rivalry", "The Backyard Brawl", something. But after years of thinking about it I can't figure out a better way to describe the best football rivalry in the world.

That's why I'm holding a contest. If you, dear reader, can come up with a better, marketable, name for Lehigh/Lafayette, your choice will make the pages of the magazine. The rules are simple: leave an email to me, or a comment on this posting. If I like it, it will make the magazine. I'll also announce the winner here.

I eagerly await your inspirations.


Ngineer said…
Actually I have seen the Lehigh/Lafayette game referred to as "The Rivalry" in addition to "The Game". True, Harvard/Yale gets more ink because of their national stature. When you think of it, Lehigh/Lafayette is about 'the rivalry' because it goes deeper than the football game. It started with football; but now, all sports that face off with the 'pards have a 'special' incentive against anyone wearing maroon. It is the biggest rivalry in college athletics. I'm not aware of any two schools that 'go at it' with the tenacity in everything, as opposed to just one or two sports. I think the 'backyard brawl' may be used already by some other game, though with L/L's proximity that would certainly apply. How about "One 'L' of a Game"? :-)
Anonymous said…
how about 'Most Played Rivalry' maybe not that exciting but certainly accurate....
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Reflecting the more down-to-earth character of Lehigh/Lafayette people: "da game".
LBPop said…
Violence in the Valley.
zkern said…
THE Tradition

The Birthright
Anonymous said…
I vote for "The Rivalry". According to the Wikipedia entry for "The Game", they have Red Smith using it his column about fifty years ago. So we're never going to fight that.

But "The Rivalry" works great because every team at Lehigh treats their game with Lafayett with the same intensity as the football team.

GCW Lehigh '72

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