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Action Item: Friday is ranking the best college football rivalries on its website. Listed in their 21 rivalries is Lehigh/Lafayette (as it should be). The DOPES over at, however, not only have said that "The Game" started in 1897 (it didn't; it started in 1884), but they also have put in a picture of Louisiana-Lafayette representing "The Game". Rather than put in senior RB Eric Rath, or senior LB Maurice Bennett, they took some moronic stock footage from one of La-Laf's dopey meaningless I-A games and put it in the graphic representing "The Game", the most-played, the best rivalry in all of sports!

I mean, how much Google time would it take to fact-check THAT? Five, maybe ten, seconds?

Your two action items on the night:

1) Click here to Vote and make sure Lehigh/Lafayette is not LAST (where it currently resides). Suggested voting: 1) Lehigh/Lafayette; 2) Harvard/Yale; 3) Amherst/Williams; 4) Army/Navy; 5) the Egg Bowl.

2) Write these dopes at and tell them about their mistake. Feel free to point out my blog as a source of plenty of public domain, free pictures that they use instead. Hit "Report A Bug".

The regularly-schedule Press Roundup will be occuring later tonight. Be there!


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