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Predictions; What You Didn't Read; Press Mashup

Don't miss the exclusive recently unearthed documents concerning the Lehigh/Colgate rivalry (right under this post) concerning the "Legend of Engine #13" - right below today's Press Roundup and predictions page.

First and foremost, let's look at some predictions around the internet about this week's game. Not really a lot of bulletin-board material here ,but the most prominent prediction comes from Matt Dougherty, picking Colgate:

Lafayette and Holy Cross are going to make the race interesting, but there isn’t a bigger game for conference title implications on a yearly basis in the Patriot League than Lehigh-Colgate... Without starting quarterback Mark Borda, that task will be difficult for the Brown and White. Sophomore Sedale Threatt did lead the Mountain Hawks to a comeback win against Yale and a pasting of awful Buck
nell, but he hasn’t seen a defense like Colgate’s in his very brief career... Colgate’s defense will prove too tough for Threatt and the Mountain Hawks to handle... This time, Colgate ends Lehigh’s playoff hopes and moves to 3-0 in the Patriot League with a home win. Prediction: Colgate 20, Lehigh 17
As you might expect, colgate13 picks his favorite team as well on his blog. Here's the mash-up from this week's postings:

Boy, am I excited about this one! Whether you're a Lehigh fan or a Colgate fan, these games are always exciting and always have some great football to be seen. I don't think this year is any different. So strap on your seatbelts fans, it should be a hell of a ride...

The Colgate defense will need to continue its dominance in order for a win. [and the] Colgate offense will need to play its type of game: ball control, few penalties, Jordan Scott for a lot of yards and big time plays from receivers. We will also need to come away with more than field goals when we get down in the red zone. I think we need to score 24 to win this one in regulation.

Ultimately, of course, I think the home field, the Parent's Weekend crowd, the momentum we've built and the gravity of this game will all prove to produce the best performance we've seen all year from our Raiders... I expect this game to be very close, very exciting and somewhat unpredictable. I also expect Colgate to continue to roll after being counted out early in the season. Biddle leads his troops to victory in this one behind solid defense and timely offensive play.

Predicted outcome: Colgate 27 Lehigh 24

Boy, nobody gives Lehigh a chance in this game! Serious bulletin-board material for Lehigh! (Oh, yeah, oops, I'm including me in this as well.)

Here's what you didn't read in the press writeups of the game:

Coach Lembo: "Jordan Scott is an outstanding freshman tailback... Not only is he a very talented and durable player, because they're giving [the ball] to him for a lot of carries, but I think the system is such... that they are always very big and physical on their offensive and defensive lines, they always seem to have a big strong fullback, they always seem to have receivers that can block on the perimeter."

And here's the link to all the press writeups.

Easton Express-Times:
Lehigh Season On Line In Matchup At Colgate
Allentown Morning Call:
Lehigh's League and NCAA Aspirations On Line At Colgate
Brown & White:
Hawks Look To Sink Raiders
Utica Observer-Dispatch:
Nepa Leading Resurgent Raider Defense

Finally, the mash-up:

“Each year this is a very physical and emotional football game,” Head Coach Pete Lembo said. “However, like most games between strong rival programs, the team that makes the fewest mistakes typically wins.”

"It's a game that matters," Lembo said. "That's a real positive reflection on both programs. Late in the season, every year, when these two teams get together, there's a lot at stake. That's a real tribute to both programs and something we shouldn't take for granted."

“There is pressure on every guy who throws on that Lehigh jersey every Saturday to perform above and beyond their potential,” Threatt said. “I’m trying my best carry on the torch for Borda. Mark and the other guys in my position group, Kevin Marshall, Mike Probst and Steve Santos [graduate], all encourage me to take it a play at a time and that’s what I plan on doing.”

Senior wide receiver Gerran Walker said: “Not having Borda out there with us will be tough, but Sedale is more than capable of leading us,” Walker said.

“The key to the team’s success was preparation and execution,” Threatt said. "These two elements, I believe, are the key to all our success and downfalls. We were ready for Bucknell and we played a solid game to get the job done.”

"Colgate's very multiple, very pressure-oriented," Lembo said. "They'll give both zone and man blitzes.

"We went out and practiced in horrible conditions [Tuesday] because, hey, you know what, it could be like that on Saturday. You know all that going in and you have to play your best despite all of the uncontrollables. I'm proud of the way we've played up there the last two times."

"[Senior FB Greg Fay] really been an asset to the offense this year," Lembo said. "We're continuing to look for guys to work into the offense. It's nice to have another guy out there you can count on."

"As far as me being [an offensive] weapon," Fay said, "whatever my role is, I just do it as best I can. I just want to help this team win."

"It keeps us balanced, keeps the defense off the field," Thompson said of the ground game. "Our backs are against the wall... We prepare every game as if it's our last game."

"After one practice, he sent everyone in except the seniors and said: 'Don't mess up your senior season' — well, something like that," said Nepa, the Raiders' senior linebacker and co-captain. "We knew he was right. We don't want to be remembered as the team that lost."

"Jared's made some awful big plays for us," said Biddle, whose inside linebacker was named the Patriot League's Defensive Player of the Week after helping the Raiders hold Holy Cross to 22 yards rushing on Saturday in a 27-14 win. "And he makes a lot of good plays people don't notice."

"Defensively, I think we're playing 11 as 1 right now," Nepa said. "And offensively, our offense is keeping the ball and allowing us to focus on the other team instead of just resting on the sideline.

"Probably half to three-quarters of our games are decided in the fourth quarter, so we've got to just keep fighting and grinding."

"We're not where we can be yet, but we're getting there," Nepa said. "It's kind of reminiscent defensively of 2003, because I'm having fun on the field. You're not even playing for yourself, you're playing for all the rest of the guys.

"We're just waiting to hit on all cylinders this season, but we know it will be tough this week. We expect nothing less than a tight game."

One last note after this mash-up. Notice what Nepa said about "Half our games are decided in the 4th quarter". It could very well be the team that executes best in the 4th quarter wins the game. I sure hope it's Lehigh.

Can you tell I'm excited about tomorrow? GO LEHIGH!!!!!


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