Friday, December 14, 2007

Must-See TV: FCS Championship

Tonight: Chattanooga, TN


The FCS Championship Game, Delaware vs. Appalachian State

It's what everyone in the Patriot League hopes to get to every single year, and tonight is the only Division I championship in football that the NCAA recognizes.

Tune in! And below are a host of different links to get you pumped for the game.

College Sporting News Content
CSN: Championship Info
CSN Way: Dream Matchup (written by me)
FCS Preview: Eric Gemunder
CSN West: Chatty Has Made FCS Proud
CAA Today: Appalachian State vs. The CAA
CSN So South: Mountaineers Go For Three In A Row
SWAC World: All Is Right in the SWA World (SWAC Championship Preview)

CSN Waves Podcasts of Championship Preview, Interviews, Sports Network Awards and More!

Other Links
Sports Network, David Coulson: National Championship On The Line
Any Given Saturday Post: All The Links About The Championship Game

Tune in. It should be a hell of a ride.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BREAKING: Jordan Scott Suspended

(Photo Credit: Jim Commentucci / The Post-Standard)

I had planned to blog something about financial aid this week, but that will wait: Colgate's star junior RB Jordan Scott has been suspended from the team after being charged with burglary:

The football future of star Colgate running back Jordan Scott is in flux after his arrest on a burglary charge. According to the Hamilton village police department, Scott and wide receiver David Morgan were charged Sunday with second-degree burglary, a felony, in connection with an incident on campus Saturday night. The players were arraigned Monday in Hamilton village court and released on $10,000 bond.

It's an embarrassment to Scott and the Colgate athletic department - however, a source tells me that there may be less to this than meets the eye, calling the incident "minor". No decisions have been made on this yet by Colgate head football coach Dick Biddle or the Colgate athletic department, except the fact that Scott and Morgan were suspended from the team, pending a review from the Student Conduct Board, the athletic department, and Biddle himself.

If the incident is indeed "minor" as was relayed to me, one would hope that Scott would be able to pass through the boards and be allowed to play again next year. Coach Biddle, of course, will have the final say on that.

You never wish something like this on any school and especially to Scott, whom I met last year at Patriot League Media Day. Everyone should hope that this is indeed a minor incident and that Scott will be playing next year for the Raiders.

UPDATE: The actual crime the pair are charged with is breaking into a dorm room on Saturday, which is considered "larceny" according to another source. The response from campus security seems to indicate that it was certainly treated with utmost seriousness. This is still a developing story, so look here for future developments.

UPDATE 2: More has been added as this became an AP story:

Scott and wide receiver David Morgan were charged Sunday with second-degree burglary and pleaded not guilty at their arraignment Monday. The 20-year-old juniors were released after posting bail and the case was adjourned until Jan. 7.

Two female residents on Saturday heard the intruders, who ran out when confronted, according to a police report. Hamilton Police Chief James Tilbe said the students identified Scott and Morgan through photos on a university Web site.

"At this point, we can't find anything they took," Tilbe said. "According to what they said, they were trying doors, found it open, and just started to go through the desk drawer when the girls approached them. I don't understand it."

This thing just gets stranger and stranger. I'm really not sure what to think. If they entered an open dorm room and took nothing, what's the crime? Is there more to this than meets the eye?

From this description, where's the "larceny"?

UPDATE 3: More News:

Colgate star running back Jordan Scott admitted to searching a school dorm with a teammate early Saturday morning with the intention of stealing money, according to a police report of his arrest.

According to village Police Chief James Tilbe, Scott said he and wide receiver David Morgan tried opening the doors of several rooms in the Russell House before finding one that was open. Scott said he and Morgan then entered that room with the intention of swiping cash before two female occupants woke up and scared them off.

This is bad news. This isn't a prank that went awry, this seems to be something else.

"I think it will be handled correctly. I think the university does a thorough job," Colgate football coach Dick Biddle said Wednesday. "It's in the correct hands. We'll see what happens."

Asked if he was concerned about losing the talents of Scott, who paced [FCS] rushers with 1,875 yards this season, Biddle said, "I'm confident we have a good football team here, and we'll win."

Again, it looks like coach Biddle and Colgate's administration are doing the correct things here. I just feel sorry for Scott and Morgan, who appear to have allowed a horrible lapse in judgment to endanger their football careers and possibly their college diplomas.

Monday, December 10, 2007

"Rivalry Shirts" - In Time For The Holidays!

Be the first on your block to have your very own unofficial "Rivalry" T-Shirt! Just in time for the holidays for that mad Lehigh fan on your list!

Navigate here for details.

Ho, ho, ho! Now, let's just get those two speedy defensive backs under the tree...
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