Friday, July 12, 2013

56 Days Until CCSU - No. 56, John Gonos

We interrupt the countdown for a quick story.

As some of you may know, I'm a big New Orleans Saints fan, adopting the jazzy, loveable loser team-on-the-rise when I lived overseas.  When I attended Lehigh, one of my most prized possessions was a No. 56 jersey of LB Pat Swilling, member of the Saints' "Dome Patrol".

I wore my 56 jersey to a Giants/Sants game after graduation, and several Giants fans heckled me by saying, "What's the matter?  Couldn't afford a LB Lawrence Taylor jersey?"

Wearing Swilling's jersey at 56, we find junior LB John Gonos as our highlighted Lehigh football athlete in today's countdown.

Listed Height: 6'2"
Listed Weight: 230
Major: Finance
Hometown: Annapolis, MD
High School: St. Mary's HS, MD

Fun Fact: John's dad, Jake Gonos, was a legendary football assistant coach at Florida State, Gettysburg, Marshall, and Navy, where he also served as recruiting coordinator.  One brother, Jason Gonos, plays lacrosse at Harvard, and another, Josh Gonos, studies at St. Mary's, the same high school John attended.

2012 Stats: Did not see any varsity action.  Missed the 2012 season with a torn hamstring.

2013: Will compete for time in the linebacking rotation.

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