Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Game Roundup

(Photo Credit: Stephen Flood/The Express-Times)

Below the flip get all the links and wrapups of this weekend's Spring Game.

In the meantime, check out rising senior S Rickie Hill about to deliver some punishment to senior WR Sergio Fernandez-Soto!

LFN Wrapup: Brown 47, White 36, Final

If senior QB Brandon Bialkowski is the starting quarterback this fall, he'll be the second straight senior starter at that position, following in the footsteps of QB Michael Colvin, who may very well be spending time in an NFL camp this fall.

"Mike has taught me a lot about the mental part of playing quarterback," he said. "He's a really tough kid and I enjoyed working under him. I plan to be ready when the season begins. I plan to have a productive summer and a lot of the guys will be staying around and we'll be throwing all summer long."

Official Defense Holds Off Offense in Brown and White Game (includes video)

"I was pretty pleased," explained Lehigh head coach Andy Coen. "I wasn’t happy with the way the offense started. For the better part of the spring, the offense had the upper hand on the defense, but the defensive guys showed up today and got off blocks much better than they had and made tackles better than they had so it was good to see the improvement there."

Morning Call: 'Typical spring' ends for Lehigh with a typical Brown and White game that offered mixed bag
Morning Call Photo Gallery
"We had three interceptions and we haven't done that," Coen said. "I don't think we had an interception in a team period over the last 12 practices. I was just commenting the other day about how good we've been taking care of the ball. I guess that's what you get when you talk about those things."

His overall assessment: "We're not where we need to be. We're probably an average football team right now, but we've got a lot of time in the summer to get better and we've got a long training camp to work everything out. But leaving here, I do feel a lot better about the defense."

"Since our scrimmage last Saturday, we've been really focusing and tuning in on our responsibilities," senior LB Nigel Muhammad said. "We did a great job of finishing plays, even though we left a few out there. We dropped a few interceptions and missed a few tackles, but overall we did a good job."

Express-Times: Defense Reigns Supreme
Express-Times: Defense steps up, team still has work to do
Express-Times Photo Gallery

“After last Saturday, we’ve been firing at it and going 100 miles per hour and really focusing in on our responsibilities,” said Muhammad, a linebacker. “I think we did a great job at that today. We left a few plays out there, a few interceptions were dropped, but overall we did a really good job.

“… Coach always mentions the offense when they do well and the defense when we do bad. This past week we’ve done a great job really putting everything together and meshing well together.”

“Coming back from an interception on the drive earlier shows what we actually can do and that we can be effective on offense and move the ball well,” said Bialkowski, who went 12-for-22 for 114 yards with a TD and two INTs. “It was a pretty good scrimmage. The defense looked better. The offense was beating them pretty bad this spring and they came out and showed they can make some plays as well.”

“I told the kids we’re not where we need to be,” Coen said. “We’re probably an average football team right now. But, we have a lot of time in the summer to get better and work everything out.”

Brown & White: Lehigh Football Prepares for Next Season

“This is a great time for the offense and defense to compete against each other,” said senior LB Nigel Muhammad. “With so many new faces on both sides of the ball, I think this year’s spring ball is even more important in building our competitive nature.

“It is still weird to think about because, looking from a broad point of view, we did well with 10 wins and only one loss,” he said. “But at the same time we didn’t make it to the playoffs or win the league title. It’s still a bitter taste in our mouths that we can’t wait to get rid of.”

“Everyone’s main goal of the Brown and White game is to perform at the highest level possible,” senior WR Lee Kurfis said. “By doing this, players not only represent themselves, but it also helps both the offense and defense challenge each other, making the team better as a whole in the future.”

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