Thursday, June 02, 2011

Quietly, Lehigh Announces Game Times for 2011

You probably didn't notice it this week - heck, I didn't - but Lehigh posted their game times for the 2011 season.

All six home games will have a 12:30 kickoff time. No word, though, as to when the parking lots open and when they'll be open to pre-game tailgating. (more)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tressel's Con In Plain Sight

In retrospect, Jim Tressel was just an actor. Just like Bill Cosby, or Randy "Macho Man" Savage - an actor, playing a part.

Wrestlers, of course, create bigger than life personas inside the ring of simplistic good-or-evil characters, often designed to deflect, like an illusionist, the reality behind what people were seeing.  That's the lot of the wrestler - and the actor.

And Tressel - seen here, back in his days as a I-AA national championship winner with some of his dominating teams at Youngstown State - was no different from those who make their living making it seem like they're someone else.

Whereas Macho Man wore crazy getups to make one doubt his sanity (in the ring), Tressel played the role of dad. A good, Christian dad, wearing suits and ties to games. Looking like a cross between Woody Hayes and Pat Riley. At once looking like a clean, quasi-militaristic vintage 1960's coach, exuding control.  He looked almost too much like the part of a head football coach.

Bill Cosby made a career in television wearing sweaters. Tressel seemed made his career wearing that red cardigan - making him look, well, respectable. It's almost as if seeing was believing. He looked like "dad" - so, how could he have done all those bad things they've been saying about him?

This Memorial Day, however, with the NCAA, Yahoo! and, finally, Sports Illustrated finally hot on his trail, the movie in which he made himself a starring role finally came to an end - as the ugly truths behind his success at Ohio State and Youngstown State finally came to light.

That guy that looked just like somebody's dad - wearing that tie and the red cardigan - sure as hell wasn't Mister Rogers. (more)
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