Saturday, November 19, 2011


It's gameday, and it's time to BEAT LAFAYETTE!!!!

Should Lehigh win, they will give themselves the opportunity to be seeded - if the cards fall exactly right.

Below the flip, here's what to look for, should that happen.

To follow all the games live on your computer, you can go to the FCS Scoreboard here to follow the scores.  There are also links (most free) to audio and video of the games as well.)

In my opinion, Lehigh needs a win and to root for some combination of the following:

* Montana State beating Montana (so the Griz don't jump ahead of Lehigh in seeding)

* Illinois State beating Northern Iowa (to eliminate the Panthers from seeding consideration)

* New Hampshire beating Maine (to elimiate Maine from seeding consideration, and to bring up the 'quality' of Lehigh's early-season loss to them)

* Rhode Island beating Towson (to eliminate Towson from seeding consideration)

* Western Illinois beating North Dakota State (the Bison will still likely be seeded, but it may bring down the overall view of the Missouri Valley conference in the seeding process)

* Texas State beating Sam Houston State (the Bearkats will still likely be seeded, but it may bring into question Sam Houston's bona fides for a seed)

Tonight, we'll see.  But as I mentioned, none of this matters unless Lehigh BEATS LAFAYETTE!!!!!

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