Thursday, February 10, 2005

Summary of Postseason Awards

The Lehigh Football banquet was held this past Saturday on Moutaintop campus. Here the awards for excellence in the 2004 Lehigh football season were given to members of the football team. With this banquet, the postseason awards portion of the Lehigh football offseason is now more or less complete. Listed below are all the postseason awards (that I'm aware of) concerning Lehigh's 2004 season. Congratulations one and all!

These awards were compiled from: Lehigh Holds Annual Sports Banquet 2004 Season Review
Lehigh Football Nation: Post: Lehigh Players of the Year

Football Program Awards


Alexander G. Hahalis (top lineman)

Tom Alfsen, Sr.

Barry Fetterman (courage, dedication)

Karrie Ford, Sr.

Rob Sandie, Sr.

James P. McConologue (all football)

Adam Bergen, Sr.

John C. Whitehead “Big LU” (leadership, performance)

Kaloma Cardwell, Jr.


Jon Guynes, Sr.

Archibald Johnson Cup (team MVP)

Justin Terry, Sr.

Position Award


Offensive Line

Jason Morrell, Sr.

Offensive Back

Mark Borda, Jr.

Eric Rath, Jr.


Gerran Walker, Jr.

Defensive Line

Tristan Lawrence, Sr.

Defensive Back

Neal Boozer-Gallman, Sr.


Anthony Graziani, Sr.

Special Teams

Kyle Keating, Sr.

Scout Team

Pete Donchez, Fr. (offense)

Rashaun Gasaway, Fr. (defense) Weekly Award Winner: Anthony Graziani, LB, Sr.
Walter Payton Award Nominee: Adam Bergen, TE, Sr.
Buck Buchanan Award Finalist: Tom Alfsen, DE, Sr.

All Patriot League Teams:
First Team: Adam Bergen, TE, Sr.; Justin Terry, OG, Sr.; Jason Morrell, C, Sr.; Tom Alfsen, DE, Sr.; Tristan Lawrence, DT, Sr.; Anthony Graziani, LB, Sr.; Karrie Ford, DB, Sr.; Kyle Keating, P, Sr.
Second Team: Mark Borda, QB, Jr.; Eric Rath, RB, So.; Gerran Walker, WR, Sr.; Adam Selmasska, OL, Jr.; Kaloma Cardwell, DB, Jr.; Neal Boozer-Gallman, CB, Sr.; Andrew Nelson, DB, Jr. All-Star Team: Adam Bergen, TE
The Sports Network All-American Team: Adam Bergen, TE, Sr., Tom Alfsen, DE, Sr.
Associated Press I-AA All-American Team: Adam Bergen, TE, Sr.
AFCA I-AA Coaches' All-American Team: Adam Bergen, TE, Sr.
ECAC Division I-AA All-Star Team: Adam Bergen, TE, Sr.; Tom Alfsen, DE, Sr.; C Justin Terry, Sr.
Walter Camp Football Foundation, All-American Team: Tom Alfsen, DE, Sr.
Football Gazette All-Atlantic Region second team: Tom Alfsen, DE, Sr.; Adam Bergen, TE, Sr.; Justin Terry, C, Sr.

Lehigh Football Nation Awards:
Top Offensive Hawk: Mark Borda, QB, Jr.
Top Defensive Hawk: Anthony Graziani, LB, Sr.
Top Special Teams Hawk: Kyle Keating, P, Sr.
Lehigh Football Nation Player of the Year: Eric Rath, RB, So.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Watch for Rabih Abdullah tonight

Tonight at the Super Bowl, Rabih Abdullah ('98) will be the only the second Engineer to ever suit up for a Super Bowl (Steve Kreider did for the Bengals in 1981). If you're an Eagle fan too, well, you've got a problem on your hands. He's suiting up for the other side. reprinted a Morning Call article here. Enjoy... and enjoy the game.
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