Wednesday, August 25, 2004

100th post!

It's the 100th blog post! Real quickly since I'm out the door, but 2 good developments from the website.

Lembo praises program's rising stars

Chairback seats sold out for Villanova, Colgate games

Keep an eye on these guys: OL Jimmy Kehs, WR Lee Thomas, and DB Andew Nelson. My depth chart hasw been modified...

See you next week.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Mystery Men

Practice broke today, with the last two-a-days before the season finishing up. And still many questions are left to be answered. Fans are left scouring the message boards for info. How did practices go? Who will the starting linebackers be? Keating, Borda, or Connor?

The boards have been silent. Whoever knows isn't talking. To this completely uninformed observer it looks like camp has been more closed than ever -- tighter than in years past. In Lehigh Football Nation's opinion, this is a good omen for the coming season.

The only media info comes from the following pieces:

Lehigh holds annual Media Day (

Rath raring to get going again for Lehigh Football (Morning Call):,0,1823655.story?coll=all-sports-hed

Media Day took place on August 21, when the team photo was taken, and players and coaches chatted with the media. Today was the last day of practice before camp broke.

Important information from these reports: Sophomore RB Eric Rath is penciled in as the opening-day starter at RB over Marques Thompson, and he's excited to get going on the coming season. He sounds focused on the upcoming season and is eager to get going with the challenge of being the starting RB. If he shows the heart he showed in special teams and in the backfield in 2002, the last time he put on a Lehigh uniform, Lehigh Football Nation will be happy campers I think.

Quoting from the Article, Coach Lembo: "For a guy who's 5-foot-8 and 195 pounds, he's a very durable, powerful runner... He's smart, he's passionate. And, unlike his freshman year, he has totally embraced everything about Lehigh. He has become an excellent student. He had to take one summer class this summer and got an 'A' in it. I'm very pleased with him and I really hope he has a breakout year because he has earned it."

About the running game in general, Coach Lembo: "We need Eric and Marques Thompson, as well as fullbacks Greg Fay and Jason Beck to play well... We have a good offensive line, we have a solid tight end and an improved receiving corps. Whoever we have at quarterback, we hope we can surround him with enough good people to be able to move the ball both in the air and on the ground.''

Lehigh Football Nation couldn't agree more.

But the biggest question - who will take the reins at QB - still remains unanswered. Quoting the Morning Call piece: "Those anxious to find out who the starting quarterback on Sept. 4 will be — Kyle Keating, Mark Borda or Mike Connor — will have to wait longer. 'Outside the team, the quarterback issue is the one that gets a lot of notoriety,'' Lembo said. ''But internally, our guys don't look at it as being different from any other position. We feel whoever we put in there will get the job done. It's tight right now.'"

So you know what that means. We probably won't know who the starting QB will be until the first snap of the Stony Brook game September 4th (only 13 days away). Lehigh Football Nation's choice is the senior Kyle Keating, with the strong-armed junior Borda and Delaware transfer junior Mike Connor close behind on the depth chart. But who knows what is going on in Coach Lembo's mind on the matter... it will be interesting to find out who he picks.

Coming up soon: Lehigh Football Nation's completely unscientific stab at Lehigh's depth chart for the 2004 season.
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