Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Student-Athletes Ring The Bell And Graduate

On Monday, a lot of student-athletes attended Murray Goodman stadium to do what they came to Lehigh to do: graduate.

A few days after their undergraduate careers ended, it's worth celebrating one last time their achievements on the field and off.  There are no "Playstation 3 Studies" majors here: there are a significant number of double majors, business and engineering majors, however.

Not everyone will stop competing as Mountain Hawks, but their academic careers are still making a huge step in a new direction, and it's worth noting.  Best of luck to the class of 2010 - and good luck to some of the Lehigh athletes I've written about over the last four years. While there are a lot of great Lehigh athletes who graduated this year, for the teams I follow the closest in terms of football and men's and women's basketball, here's one last celebration of their accomplishments.  (more)

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Very Important Baseball Game

(Photo Credit: AP/The Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise)

The fateful weekend finally arrived.

I had known for a couple of months that my parents were coming down for a visit, and I also knew that my last weekend as assistant coach for my son's T-ball team was also happening as well.  And I knew that my dad had managed to secure seats to see the team that he (and I, for that matter) grew up following: the Boston Red Sox.

It was fated to be a weekend of wall-to-wall baseball.  And a very important one, too: my six year old son's first-ever professional baseball game.  His first day out at the ballpark with the boys.  His first hotdog.  Peanuts and crackerjacks.  Seventh inning stretch.

It's a moment you anticipate, but it's also a moment of nervousness as well. Will the weather cooperate? Will your son's big moment with his father and grandfather be a rain-delayed mess? Will it be a sixteen-pitcher snoozefest? Will he - heaven Forbid - start rallying behind the Phillies? Will he even remember the game? Or care?

But most importantly, will he even be paying attention after the first inning? (more)

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