Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Blog For Lehigh Fans

It's the middle of July, and I've been taking a small break from writing on my blog to (finally) go on a vacation and to finish some writings for the upcoming FCS Preview Magazine which was formerly sponsored by The past couple weeks for me have involved a long-deserved break from work and writing to spend some quality time with my family -- followed by a mad blitz of writing, editing, and preparing for the upcoming FCS season. (Can you believe Patriot League Media Day is right around the corner?)

I may as well also announce that on College Sporting News I am officially going to be assuming the responsibility of senior FCS columnist, taking over for the legendary Dave Coulson (who will now be writing for the Sports Network, taking over for Matt Dougherty who was recently hired as the Patriot League Director of Media Relations).

That means that the diaries that I've been doing for College Sporting News are going to be fewer in number, and I'm going to be writing a more conventional column covering all of FCS. I'm really looking forward to the challenge of stepping into Dave Coulson's shoes, and it will require even more preparation and time than ever (i.e., I may have to do research every once in a while).

My expanded role with CSN is making me think about my Lehigh blog more as well. I really enjoy being the "point man" for news and opinions on Lehigh football and other Mountain Hawk sports, as well as Patriot League developments and other interesting news. I see no reason why I can't continue that as well as my column for CSN. After all, Lehigh football is my passion and it's how I got to writing about FCS football in the first place. It's also a great outlet for the passionate fan in me.

But - somewhere - there has to be a line of separation between Lehigh and the rest of FCS in my writings. It's something I've been thinking about for some time, and something you, the readers, have also been trying to tell me for some time. My goal this year is to have the Lehigh stuff and the Patriot League stuff in the blog, and anything that is "FCS National" go in my CSN column. This means the "Water Cooler", where I pick the games in the Top 25, are moving to CSN, but my Patriot League football picks will remain here on the blog.

This blog, for those coming here for the first time, talks about news and opinion involving Lehigh football, the Patriot League, and (in the off-season) other Lehigh sports. Each week I sum up the news, press conferences, give out my "Game Balls", and on Sunday I pick up a "word" to describe the weekend that was for Lehigh.

I always want to beat those Lafayette pansies every year. Don't be surprised if a "Lafayette Sucks" pops up in one of my posts, even it's about the Lehigh/VMI game.

In the next few weeks, I'm planning to post here the "Spring Roundup" from around the Patriot League, where I talk about all the off-season moves, the Spring Game, and rate the incoming classes. And RichH on the Lehigh Sports Message Board gave a great idea: this year Lehigh will be honoring the 30th anniversary of the 1977 Division II National Champions (at halftime of the Harvard game on September 29th). Why not come up with the team I would pick as my "all-time Lehigh team from the past 30 years", and post it here?

All this before Patriot League Media Day, pre-season workouts, and the two-deep. This ought to be fun.
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