Wednesday, June 14, 2006

GTTS: Schedule Announced, and Gerran Walker

I'm working on a "Get through the Summer" series that is good enough to make it on, which means that to get you through the next few days (at least), you'll have to make do with something that's out there. Fortunately, Lehigh's sports information director came through for me, as well as, with a few announcements of interest.

First, Lehigh's 2006 schedule is now set. Of particular note is that Lehigh's clash at Villanova, a short hour from Bethlehem, has a 6PM start and may just be televised on CN8. The Lafayette game also, uncommonly, has a 1PM start time, which seems to imply that the new lights at Fisher Field will be done by then. (I've also updated my website accordingly.)

Second, Gerran Walker has a nice write-up on on being a Southern Gentleman with Big-Play Speed. An excerpt follows:

Gerran Walker is such a southern gentleman, he even tries to keep his name simple for others who often struggle with the proper pronunciation of his first name.

For the record, it sounds like "Jur-ran" when you say it out loud. But out of consideration for everyone he knows, he foregoes worrying about whether or not they can get it right, and simply goes by "G."

A good read. There's also a Q & A with "G", but it's behind the subscription firewall.

Tune in soon for the next "Get Through the Summer" installment!
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