Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Exclusive Thoughts from Coach Coen

While waiting for the announcement of the class of 2010 and the rest of coach Coen's staff, I thought I'd pass on a short email interview I did with coach Coen. A while back I wrote coach Coen asking him what his thoughts were about coming back to Lehigh, and the difference between Penn and Lehigh fans. Here's the questions and answers below.

LFN: So, how are you settling in back at Lehigh? Has much changed?

Coach Coen: I am settling back into Lehigh slowly but surely. Facility upgrades are biggest change. The people are still great people to be around the alumni, staff, and community.

LFN: What's the main difference between Penn fans and Lehigh fans?

Coach Coen: Lehigh fans and Penn fans are both great in that they are passionate about football and their university. What make Lehigh exceptional is that we have such a loyal fan base in the surrounding community. People who have been die hard fans for years -- thats the biggest difference -- and, of course, no toast [thrown on the field at the end of the 3rd quarter].

Not the most hard-hitting interview I've done - but it's a start, and a little peek into the mind of our new head coach. Like you, I'll be anxiously awaiting any news over the next few weeks.
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