Saturday, October 02, 2004

Lehigh 44, Albany 14

Overall, a good win for Lehigh. Offensively it cemented Borda's hold on the QB position, and made the Lehigh faithful relax about the receiving and rushing game - as long as starters Eric Rath and Mark Borda are OK after exiting the game with bangup injuries. I haven't looked at the numbers yet, but receiving-wise it seemed like a great day for TE Adam Bergen, and WR Gerran Walker showed a flash of his speed on a long TD reception and scamper.

On defense, the team improved steadily after a slightly disappointing first half. However, in the second half the "D" made adjusments which made the unit shut things down the rest of the way.

Special teams missed a PAT, but aside from that special teams predictably had a very good day.

Overall, a good win for Lehigh, and we should see some upward mobility in the rankings with Maine and (in a bit of an upset) Colgate losing. Colgate's loss to Yale, unfortunately, will be a thorn in the side of the Patriot League in my opinion when it comes to the '1 Patriot team versus 2 Patriot teams' in the playoffs question. It makes the October 31st showdown against Colgate at Mury Goodman that much harder and that much more urgent, since Colgate and Lehigh will have to win the game if they hope to make the playoffs.

Also, next week is Holy Cross, who gave Fordham all they could handle for 4 quarters before the Rams pulled away. The Fordham game will be an interesting study for Lehigh's coaching staff to see how Holy Cross can give a team problems.

Good win. Time to prepare for the league schedule now, starting with Holy Cross at Worcester this coming Saturday.

Coming Sunday or Monday: Game Balls and Rankings.

Lehigh 30, Albany 14, 3rd quarter

Ouch. Borda got hit hard on the last play of the 3rd quarter, and went into the locker room, adding to a long injury list on the day. That and the bangups to Rath and the offensive line.

On the bright side, we have indeed dominated the second half. Looks like the adjustments did indeed pay off. Thompson with his 3rd TD! Wow!

Let's see the scrubs in the last quarter! Go Lehigh!

Lehigh 23, Albany 14, halftime

In a game which has been a coming-out party for the offense, a few TDs against Lehigh's "D" have made this a closer game than it should be. The "D" will have to step things up if we want this game to not be a close one.

Offensively, it's hard not to like Borda's, Thompson's, and Walker's performances. Not many penalties on offense, and only one punt (and turnover on downs at the end of the half). Rath got an injury in the first half, but rather than risk his health, he may not get much time the rest of the way (besides, Thompson is playing great).

Defensively, we are not defending against the mix of run and pass well. Albany is gaining uncharacteristic chunks of yardage through the air and the ground. They're attacking our linebackers, and winning.

Key to the second half will be for the "D" to shut them down the rest of the way. Linebacking play must improve. Lembo said that there were small adjustments that need to be made - hopefully it's easy as that.

Overall, some great things I see offensively, with some new concerns defensively. Hopefully the 2nd half will be reminiscient of the second half of the Liberty game, where we took over the game and dominated.

Go Lehigh! Let's take over this game, like I know we can.

Lehigh 23, Albany 7, around 6:30 left, 2nd quarter

Whee! Air Lehigh seems to be back!

Borda with 3 TDs passing - 2 to RB Marques Thompson (a lock for a game ball), and 1 beautiful long TD strike to WR Gerran Walker.

If there is any disappointment, it's the fact that the "D" gave up a TD to the Albany offense (who seems to be moving the ball against us), and a missed PAT attempt.

More at halftime!

Predictions of other games this week

In the Patriot League:
Fordham at Holy Cross. I'd be surprised if Holy Cross scores any points versus the Fordham defense. Fordham in a blowout. Fordham 31, Holy Cross 0.

Bucknell at Georgetown. Bucknell looked impressive in their two games versus Ivy competition, and Georgetown has struggled of late. It's hard to see that slide not continue against the Bison. Bucknell 38, Georgetown 3.

Harvard at Lafayette. Both teams are coming off thrilling come-from-behind victories last week. Though, Harvard's was due to the Crimson's offense finally starting to click on all cylinders, where Lafayette was holding on against Richmond. I see the Crimson coming out gunning, and the Leopards letting down a litle after their great win last week. Harvard 41, Lafayette 23.

Colgate at Yale. Hard to see how good Yale figures to be with a win against Dayton and a whomping at the hands of Cornell. But it's hard to see Yale coming up with that perfect game to hand Colgate a road loss, especially since the Raiders seem to be pulling together. Colgate 38, Yale 15.

In the Top 25:
Maine at Delaware. Delaware seemed to get it together on the road against UMass, and they need to take care of business at home to continue to get that playoff spot. I see Maine letting down on the road, and the Hens scoring just enough points to win. Delaware 24, Maine 14.

UMass at 1-A Boston College. The talent gap between these schools will be very evident in this gme. BC 56, UMass 0.

Northeastern at William & Mary. A dangerous game for the relatively unproven Huskies. I think W&M's passing attack and stingy run defense gives N'Eastern problems, and they win a defensive battle. W&M 17, N'Eastern 10.

Western Carolina at Furman. Furman letting down after their near-miss win at 1-A Pittsburgh? Don't count on it against the Catamounts, who lost against Garnder-Webb last week and seem like a lower-echelon SoCon team. Furman 49, WCU 14.

Texas St. at Appalachian St. Can App St. bounce back against a possibly tough Texas St. Bobcats team? This one should be a nailbiter. Give the Mountaineers the edge at home, since they have to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. App. St. 27, Texas St. 24.

Northern Iowa at Southern Illinois. UNI has put themselves in the nenviable position of having to go play on the road at the #1 team in the country in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. But the Salukis have not shown much in the way of weakness (even though they've played a couple cupcakes). Nevertheless, I'm going to take UNI banking on the fact that on sheer desperation, they must win. UNI 28, SIU 27.

New Hampshire at Villanova. Yet another must-win game for both teams. But Villanova has struggled at home, and UNH is coming off an impressive win against an underrated Darthmouth team. All-league offense versus all-league defense. I have a funny feeling that this will be a defensive battle that Villanova finds a way to win - yet again. Villanova 19, UNH 17.

Hofstra at James Madison. Is Hofstra and QB Bobby Seck for real? I think he will come crashing down to reality against a tough JMU defense. Give me 7 sacks for JMU and a home victory. JMU 27, Hofstra 13.

Sacramento St. at Northern Arizona. A tough Sac St. team versus a desperate N. Arizona Lumberjack team. Give NAU the edge at home in a game where the Lumberjacks bust it open. NAU 35, Sac St. 17.

Southern Utah at McNeese St. Southern Utah played Stephen F. Austin really tough, and have played every team tough. McNeese St. has looked impressive aginst nobody. A bad combination. SUU 31, McNeese 14.

Eastern Washington at Portland St. An intriguing Big Sky matchup between the newly-relevant Portland St. and underrated E. Washington. It will be a thriller, with Portland St. just pulling through. PSU 31, EWU 28.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Press Roundup

Press roundup
Here's a really quick roundup of the press for the Lehigh/Albany game this weekend:

Morning Call:
Lehigh likes Borda's Improvement
Lembo goes for win #30 against his old mentor
Brown & White:
Football plays host to Albany
10 burning questions for Coach Lembo

Much is made of Lehigh playing against his old mentor this week. Some great quotes about that:

"Lembo, who could become the eighth coach in Lehigh's history to win 30 games with a victory Saturday, got his coaching start under Ford at Albany as a grad assistant in 1992-93..."

''I thought even back then that he was going to have a bright future,'' Ford, said. ''He was enthusiastic, highly organized … grasped things very quickly. He has been on a pretty good ladder since he got into the coaching profession. But you always wonder why guys from Georgetown get into coaching when they could probably make a million dollars doing something else.''

[Of course, you could say the same of Lehigh grads too.. but a great line nonetheless.]

"Peter got his coaching start here [at Albany]," said a prideful Ford, now in his 36th season as Albany's head coach. "He had a good work ethic, he grasps things very quickly, he has a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. I thought at that time, he was going to have a bright future."

“Coach Ford is one of the most respected head coaches in the nation and has prepared numerous young coaches for successful careers in the (coaching) profession,” [Lembo] said.

"Lembo believes Ford’s 32 seasons at the helm of the Great Danes gives him an advantage over other coaches because nothing can happen on the field that will surprise him.“He has seen so many of the highs and lows that the game of football presents, and because of this experience he is able to stay very humble and level-headed,” Lembo said.

"Going against Coach Ford will be special for me," Lembo said. "It's something I'm looking forward to on one level. On another level, I'm not. Bob Ford gave me my start as a graduate assistant. This will be unique for me because it's the first time I'll be going up against him. It'll be different, interesting and exciting all at once to line up against him."

One thing coach Lembo should be noticing is the talent gap between Albany and Lehigh. Although Albany will work hard and not give up, ultimately this observer thinks that Lehigh will dominate.

"A victory today would make Lembo the eighth coach in Lehigh's proud history -- but also the fastest -- to reach 30 career wins at the school. It took Kevin Higgins, a current assistant coach with the Detroit Lions and the man Lembo replaced, well into his fifth season to reach 30 wins at Lehigh. Before that, Hank Small needed six years to record 30 wins... Lembo is in the fourth game of his fourth season as head coach."

Nice to see some props for Coach. Too often "fans" forget his impressive won-loss record.

There were a lot of Q & A on Borda's progress at QB, but I'm not including them here. Although many conventional reporters feel it's important, I don't think Borda has to prove much after his great performance against Liberty. As far as I'm concerned, he's the starter, he's doing well, and he's imporving from game to game. Good enough for me.

Brown & White with a new "Super Saturday" page
Lehigh's campus newspaper has added a new feature to their website called Super Saturday. It's a lot of content meant to preview the week's game, post a quick recap, and has some other goodies. Although one bit of their site is an obvious rip-off of my patented "Lehigh Keys to the Game", most of the site is a good idea for the fan who wants a little more content to read. I especially liked the 10 Burning Questions (a Q & A with coach Lembo) and the Bergen Tracker (a website detailing all of senior TE Adam Bergen's statistics for the season to date - complete with a cool graphic).

The Bergen Tracker inspired me to come up with a good nickname: Adam "Public Enemy" Bergen. Aside from being public enemy #1 to opposing teams, the graphic on the website look suspiciously like the logo of the rap group Public Enemy.

One last word on the upcoming game
We're three games into the season now. I'm looking for improvement across the board in the Albany game. The mainstream press likes to focus on Borda (like I have for weeks) but to me Borda has proven himself. There's no controversy here.

What I would like to see is the receiving corps step up their game to establish firmly who are the #1, #2 and #3 guys. WR Gerran Walker coming back will be a big help, but I want to see if any other wideouts we have can step up and have a breakout game. None has so far.

I also am looking at the defensive back situation for this week. There are a lot of banged-up folks back there. We are very talented and deep at the position, but I'd sure like to see how the position will shore up on Saturday.

Go Lehigh! See my preview of other games, and Lehigh/Albany commentary tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

"Rocky" at South Mountain; Lehigh/Albany Preview

Rocky appears at South Mountain
All it takes is one written piece on LehighSports.Com, and you have a nickname for life. This week's Lehigh profile is on Jason "Rocky" Morrell:

Reading between the "O" Lines

"The world’s biggest self proclaimed “Rocky” fan, Morrell fell in love with the Philadelphian as a freshman in high school, and has used it for motivation ever since. “I was drawn to the movie because it took place right near my house in south Jersey, and I just loved the way he kept pushing through everything. He never stopped, never let anyone or anything get the best of him. I would predicate all of my workouts on that movie and I’m always using it for inspiration.”

"Looks like the real-life Rocky has re-located folks. Instead of residing in South Philly, he now reads English books and lays down pancake blocks for Lehigh University on South Mountain."

Although not the way I would have written it (and this is coming from another huge Rocky fan in his own right - as long as you ignore that there were any Rocky movies after Rocky II), happily I bestow Jason "Rocky" Morrell's nickname to cyberspace.

Lehigh/Albany Preview
Lehigh hosts first-time opponent SUNY-Albany this Saturday at Murray Goodman stadium on "Fleet Kids" day. Let's get this injury report out of the way and get right into the preview, shall we?

Injury report for the game
OL Tom Toth (OUT)
DT Royce Morgan (OUT)
OLB Randy Rovesti (OUT)
TE Pete Morelli (Doubtful)
WR Greg Petrosky (Doubtful)
OL Shaun Strickland (Doubtful)
WR Lee Thomas (Doubtful)
WR Gerran Walker (Questionable)
DB Neal Boozer-Gallman (Questionable)
DL/LS Paul Fabre (Questionable)
DB Andrew Nelson (Questionable)

Ouch! At wideout and defensive back the Engineers will have to do some shuffling. Rovesti's injury hurts depth at linebacker, but LB Micah Greene will stand up and take his place backing up ILB Owen Breninger.

At wideout, if Thomas, Petrosky and Walker all are out, look for junior WR Kevin Zebluim to be the main target, with junior Aaron Argenta and senior Adam Kovacs to pick up the slack. Backing them up should be sophomores Frank Trovato and Bilal Morris. And maybe touted freshman WR Pete Donchez might get some time?

Another interesting question is: will Neal "NBG" Boozer-Gallman, winner of a game ball every week from Lehigh Football Nation, start or play? In any case, it looks like sophomore DB Brannan Thomas will get a lot of playing time like he did against Liberty.

About SUNY-Albany
It's hard to think of a bigger contrast to dress-coded, straight-laced Liberty (our opponent two weeks ago) than SUNY-Albany. It's ranked #1 in the nation of "party schools" by the Princeton Review. As the SacBee article also helpfully points out, "[the] report ranked Albany seventh in the use of hard liquor and marijuana, ninth in beer drinking and first in "students (almost) never study." As if to underscore that point, one of the high points of campus life includes "Fountain Day", where students celebrate the turning on of the large on-campus fountain -- by streaking across campus.

Whereas Liberty might be more reminiscient of the Lawrence Welk show, think of Albany and think of the collegiate version of the now-defunct disco Studio 54 (circa 1978, before Steve Rubell's many drug arrests).

Although Lehigh students and alumni might be able to understand a little something about that - er - beer drinking and hard liquor thing, I think where SUNY-Albany differs from Lehigh is that "students almost never study" part of the survey. Lehigh students definitely like to cut loose and have a good time, but only after a week of demanding schoolwork (and that brutal Mechanical Engineering, Physics, or Social Psychology test).

Football at SUNY-Albany
Aside from certainly being outfitted by Nike (CEO Tom Clarke is an Albany graduate), the Great Danes have done well for a non-scholarship 1-AA school. Since joining Division 1-AA in 1999, Albany has been champion or co-champion of the Northeast Conference for the past 2 years (including shutting out Duquesne in the ECAC bowl in 2002).

Coach Lembo was a former assistant at Albany in 1992-1993, where he worked under current head coach Bob Ford.

The last big non-mid-major win that the Great Danes were able to pull off was a 2001 upset of Towson 14-10 at home (a year when Towson went 3-7 in the Patriot). So there should be an evident "talent gap" currently between Albany and Lehigh.

More recently, in 2004 Fordham played Albany and only won the game 14-0 -- they can't be taken too lightly.

It's so nice when the Albany game notes give me everything I need to know about their offense. "Head Coach Bob Ford runs a multiple, option scheme that features an inside and outside run attack and spreads the passing game." This means - run-first, pass later.

Senior Nicholas Bazan will be the starting signal-caller for the Great Danes. In 3 games where the Albany defense was nearly shutout (Hofstra 41-0, Fordham 14-0, Brown 35-7) , Bazan averaged under *50* yards passing (and in Albany's lone win he averaged 77 yards). So although through the air Bazan doesn't seem like much of a threat, he does average 50 yards per game on the ground.

Redshirt freshman wideout Mike Wall is Bazan's "favorite" target -- when he can find the target. He's their leading receiver averaging a little over 30 yards a game. The other wideout, senior Jason Miller, has only 1 reception over 11 yards this year.

With this little production from the QB and wideouts, you'd be right to assume that the bulk of the Danes' attack is on the ground. Sophomore RB David Fantell and senior RB Dustin Wilson share the duties (along with Bazan) to average over 150 rushing yards per game between them. Redshirt freshman Dan Biegel (no dog jokes here, please) also contributes in their rushing attack, and also can catch passes out of the backfield.

The "O" line has some impressive players. All-mid-major senior LT Geir Gudmunsen and junior LG Aaron Kimball will probably do most of the pounding for rushing yards - the right side of the line doesn't appear to be as big, or as impressive, as the left side. Furthermore, Fordham held the Danes to 85 yards rushing earlier this year. Hopefully the Lehigh "D" will be able to shut down their offense as effectively as Fordham - it will be a good test to see how the Mountain Hawk defense stacks up versus Fordham's, one of the best in the Patriot League.

Again, the game notes are oh-so-helpful. "Defensive coordinator Mike Simpson employs a 3-5-3 stack defense that emphasizes the linebacker positions." Now, I hear you, loyal reader, pulling out your copy of NCAA Football 2004, and saying, "What the heck is the 3-5-3?" It means that the linebackers will be asked to do a lot of double-duty lining up as down linemen, or going in the backfield to cover the pass. Before we lick our chops too much, let us remember that this lineup caused Fordham fits in the passing game. This "D" will be a good test for how far along Borda has come in 4 games.

The defensive line, anchored by senior DT Matt Kryzak, is actually quite big if lacking a little in experience. However, the 5 linebackers are the heart of the front - er - eight. Juniors Brian Becker and Will Boone highlight this unit. Becker in particular has a real nose for stripping the ball with one interception and forced fumble last week - so he's the man that Borda and the offense should be keying on. Fordham was able to run the ball effectively against the front eight (is it because there are only 3 down linemen?) for over 200 yards, and Hofstra was able to get over 100 yards against them.

The defensive backfield is led by senior Kamarr Elliott - this unit, remember, held Fordham to 30 yards passing. They did, however, get torched by Hofstra for 424 yards.

Keys to the game
1. Balanced attack. I'd mix up the run and pass to keep the Danes' 5 linebackers running around all afternoon, and then try to break the big plays later in the game running or passing. I think balance on offense is the key.

2. Borda's reaction. The 3-5-3 will be different than any defense Borda will see this year. Mark needs to relax and stick to the offensive gameplan - and not force the ball. How he reacts to this new scheme will be important in his development as a signal-caller.

3. Shut down the perimiter run. I would try to stop the outside run by forcing the game between the tackles. This means the "outside guys" - DE's Tom Alfsen and Tristan Lawrence, and OLB's Jason Murray and Jon Guynes - need to put big stops on the outside option runs.

4. Work out the kinks. Every week this year, it's been and interception here, a missed FG there, a holding penalty here, a missed coverage there. It's time that the team concentrate on not making more mistakes. Against Liberty Lehigh got better in this area. I'll be looking for more development and improvement.

Fearless prediction
I think Lembo beats his alma mater - and the defense pitches a nice shutout.

Lehigh 33, Albany 0

Coming soon: Weekend predictions; My Favorite 1-AA Columnist; The eastern conference landscape

Monday, September 27, 2004

Weekend recap; Polls; Yahoo!; Stealing Signs

Weekend Recap
Since there was no game this week, I've decided to very briefly recap the week that was in 1-AA - where I was really right, where I was really wrong, and the impact to Lehigh.

Really right:
N'Eastern/Towson. Predicted score: NE 35, Towson 3. Real score: NE 34, Towson 3.

Portland St./McNeese St. Predicted score: PSU 27, McNeese 14. Real score: PSU 35, McNeese 14.

Should have been right:
Lafayette/Richmond. If the "wild" finish to the game had gone Richmond's way, I would have almost been dead-on (Richmond 23, Lafayette 22). Richmond's QB Stacey Tutt hauled a hail-mary pass that was roped in by a freshman wideout that was ultimately ruled an ineligible receiver (after ten minutes of confusion on the field).

Villanova/Penn. If Penn was able to finish one of at least 4 or 5 opportunities in the red zone in the game, the Quakers could have put a major scare in the Wildcats. Even with their problems they had a chance to win the game in the last play - but Dan Castles, their normally sure-handed wideout, dropped a lateral pass to end the game.

Was I ever wrong!
Cornell/Bucknell. Bucknell dominated the Big Red and never looked back. I was surprised that the Bison looked so strong. It wasn't the close field-goal game I predicted.

Delaware/UMass. I thought UMass and Delaware talent-wise. Watching the game, the talent gap was painfully evident as Delaware dominated the Minutemen 21-7 in a game that easily could have been a much bigger blowout. The Blue Hens are going to be tough to beat the rest of the way - like Lehigh, they are getting better every week.

The impact on Lehigh
Lehigh benefitted handsomely from a few big losses among the Top 25 last week. McNeese St.'s loss to PSU, Montana St.'s loss to 1-A Colorado St., Appalachian St.'s loss to Northwestern St., Penn's loss to Villanova, and James Madison's loss to 1-A West Virginia caused Lehigh to jump up 4 spots to #21 in the Sports Network poll this week! All this without taking a snap! If only it were this easy every week.

LehighSports.Com: #21
Dopke.Com: #25
Any Given Saturday: #21

This is very good news for Lehigh. With some more tough games among the Top 25 in the weeks to come, Lehigh has Albany at home and Holy Cross on the road, two very winnable games. This brings up the possibility of being ranked in the Top 15 when we face Yale on the road, if we can keep racking up some wins.

Yahoo! does not suck as much as previously reported
All the loyal blog readers are very aware of my frustration during the Lehigh/Liberty game on the 18th of September with Yahoo! Broadcast. This service was my only link to the game, and for a good chunk of the 2nd quarter, all of halftime, and a good chunk of the 3rd quarter, there was no feed to the game. My frustration spilled out to the blogosphere. And other Lehigh fans were extremely frustrated, making their opinions known to me as well.

Well, Lehigh Athletic Diector Jeff Tourial wrote me last week to offer an explanation. I think the explanation is well worth reprinting here:

"Just thought you should know that Saturday night wasn't their fault at all; Mother Nature was to blame. The originating station lost power several times due to the heavy rains and floods and downed limbs, etc., and each time that happened, the coupler reset and Yahoo! lost the feed. I spent about an hour on the phone (from Lynchburg) working with them and with the station in Easton to get the feed back up and running. I think they actually did a very diligent job with keeping the stream up as best they could despite the circumstances and frustrations of that night."

Jeff could have also said, "Geez Chuck, the Lehigh Valley WAS experiencing flooding not seen since 1955, could you cut us all a break please?" But he doesn't have to. All is forgiven with ESPN Radio, Yahoo! Broadcast. And I'd also like to give Mr. Tourial some high praise for getting the feed back up that night. Without that feed, there wouldn't have been any broadcast for anyone - or any blog entries either.

I wonder when Jeff took the job of athletic director, if "Getting conference calls together with Yahoo! and radio stations in the middle of national emergencies" was part of the job description.

Stealing Signs
Finally, let me clear something up. Coach Lembo made very clear to me personally, in detail and in no uncertain terms, that Andy Talley and Villanova did not steal Lehigh's plays at the line of scrimmage as Coach Talley initmated in the post-game press conference. He also mentioned this in his Lehigh/Liberty press conference, and in the pregame comments on the Liberty game on the radio.

I can't explain coach Talley's comments, but I think that he feels that he escaped Lehigh with a win. But this whole incident isn't something Lehigh Football Nation will be forgetting anytime soon.

I want another shot at 'Nova in the playoffs.

Coming soon this week:
Lehigh/Albany Preview

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Tribute to Kim on September 25th

A special tribute
I wanted to take this time to make a special tribute to my wife. September 25th holds a very special day for us. It's the anniversary of the day we met at a Lehigh football game.

On September 25, 1999, the first ever night game at Palmer field, that Kim and I met for the first time, wandering amongst the the dark trees on Princeton's campus looking for the stadium.

It was a picture-perfect night for football. Single and carefree, I had somehow convinced my friend Matt to go to the first night game at Palmer Stadium in Princeton with me after he had come back from the Yankee game earlier that day. I drove down from Connecticut to meet him in central New Jersey to pick him up. That day the Yankee game fatefully had run late, and we got going late to the game. So we found ourselves wandering around the Princeton campus after dark, with the game in the end of the first quarter.

And that's where we met Kim and her friend. Kim wasn't even a Princeton alumna, nor had she ever seen a 1-AA football game before that day. She had been volunteering for the Red Cross and was helping recovery efforts from Hurricane Floyd that had passed through earlier that week. She got a bunch of complimentary tickets from the Red Cross, and at the last minute decided to go to the game.

We bumped into each other struggling to find the biggest landmark on campus. She and her friend needed help finding the stadium, which we eventually found. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Think Kim realized at the time that her future husband would then expose her to many more Lehigh football games -- Lehigh/Lafayette, Lehigh/Colgate, and the thrills of 1-AA playoff games? Much less having him spend his precious spare time writing a weblog about the experiences.

Although we're disappointed that Lehigh doesn't play Princeton this year, now that we're married and looking back on the day, it's incredible that it's been 5 years to the day since we met there, and that we've been through so much in that time - moving several times, changing jobs, getting married, having a family. And it's great that through these years, we look back at the day, and Lehigh games, as a very special time and place in our lives.

Coming up this week: Apologies to Yahoo!; Lehigh/Albany Preview; Do we stay in the Top 25?
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